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Visual CV

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Standard CV

Teaching Philosophy

PhD Courses

EPSF 8270 Philosophy of Education (3)

EPRS 8500 Qualitative/Interpretive Research in Education (3)

EDCI 9850 Research Seminar (1)

Master's Level ID&T Courses

EPRS 7900 Methods of Research in Education (3)

EPY 7080 The Psychology of Learning and Learners (3)

EPY 8070 Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning (3)

IT 7100 Design of Performance and Instructional Systems (3)

IT 7150 Analysis of Performance and Instructional Systems (3)

IT 8000 Foundations of Instructional Technology (3)

IT 8150 Managing Instructional Technology Projects (3)

IT 8200 Diffusion and Adoption of Technological innovation (3)

IT 8050 Evaluation and Assessment of Online Learning (3) 

IT 8420 Topics in Instructional Technology (3) 

IT 8440 eLearning Environments (3) 

IT 8660 Internship in Instructional Technology (3)


Marguerite Koepke, University of Georgia, Director of the Governor's Teaching Fellow's Program and Professor Emeritus

Diane Langston, Georgia Highlands College, Dean Academic Success and eLearning Department

Joan Ledbetter, Georgia Highlands College, Director First Year Experience Unit

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