Georgia Highlands College

MUSC 1100 – DVD Spring 2013



Mandatory Orientation (NO Exceptions):

Cartersville – January 8th at 5PM room 135

Marietta – January 9th at 5PM room D-165  


We will cover the syllabus, concert reports, and the textbook’s DVD


The course is designed around 4 written tests & 2 listening exams

Test #1: The first five lectures – Materials of Music (2), Medieval Period (2) and Renaissance Period

Test #1 will be given on:

January 29th at 5PM in room 135 at the Cartersville Campus

January 30th at 5PM in room D-165 at the Marietta Campus


Test #2: The next five lectures – Intro to the Baroque Period, Baroque Opera, Oratorio (G.F. Handel & Messiah), Cantata (J.S. Bach), and Concerto (A. Vivaldi & The Four Seasons)

         Test #2 will be emailed to you, and you will simply return the answer sheet provided with the test. (Emailed to you by February 21 and due by 5PM on February 24 – please place DVD Test #2 in the subject line)


Test #3: The next four lectures & two biography videos:

Sonata Cycle and Haydn (2), Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and Beethoven’s contributions to the symphony – in addition to these lectures – there are two biography videos (Mozart and Beethoven) located on permanent reserve at both the Rome and Cartersville campus libraries. Following the Classic Period study guide, there are two sets of questions to be answered – the answers to these questions will serve as your notes for the videos.


Test #3 will be given on:

March 19th at 5PM  in room 135  at the Cartersville campus &

March 20th at 5PM in room D-165 at the Marietta campus



Listening Exam #1: the copy of the exam is on my website and the listening material is contained on the final DVD in your packet

Your answers for this exam should be emailed to me by March 28th. Please type your answers into the body of your email – do not send an attachment. Due March 28  

Please put DVD LE #1 in the subject line of your email.


Test #4: Romantic Period – The remaining lectures – The Symphony Progression, Nationalism, Salon Music, German Art Song, and Romantic Opera

Like Test #2, this test will be emailed to you. Please place your answers on the answer sheet provided to you. (Emailed to you by April 22nd and due by 5PM April 24th – Please place DVD Test #4 in subject line)


Concert Reports are due no later than April 29th.

The concert reports serve as your final examination.


Listening Exam #2: is due by April 29th. Please follow the same directions given for Listening Exam #1 (Except of course put DVD LE #2 in the subject line of your email.) Please type your answers into the body of your email – do not send an attachment.



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