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MATH 0097 Orientation Video



Welcome to Libby Gore's Math 0097!! 

I am proud to announce our success with the new Hawkes Learning System was overwhelming for the fall 2010 semester.  Students showed an enhanced mastery of COMPASS topics, with class averages being higher than in the past.  The Hawkes Learning System book bundle comes with an access code for the system, or you may simply need to be transferred into my section.

You can access the Hawkes Learning System Training Video by click on this link : 

Hawkes Learning System Training Video

The Hawkes Learning System is used to complete ALL homework for this course. I do not offer the choice of completing paper homework.  You MUST gain access to Hawkes Learning System.   You can also access your grade for the course here, at any time. 

Hawkes Learning System Student Sign-Up Instructions

If you already have an account, you simply need to transfer yourself into my MATH 0099 section.  Our class code is:  Gore - MATH 0099 Spring 2011

Hawkes Learning System Student User Manual

Hawkes Learning System Student Support

Hawkes Learning System for MAC Users


Below you will find the links to important documents in this course.  The syllabus, course calendar, and Learning Support Rules and Regualtions are immediately below.

MATH 0097 Syllabus

MATH 0097 Hawkes Learning Homework Schedule

MATH 0097 Course Calendar

Learning Support Regulations


You will find a link to all of the lecture notes for this course.  These are not COMPLETE notes and do not substitute for attending class.  The notes are guided notes with the problems we will work on together in lecture.  Please, print copies of these notes, place them in a binder and bring them with you to class. 

Math 0097 Guided Lecture Notes

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