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HIST 1122 SPRING 2011 General Information:

Online HIST 1122 is designed for those who need flexibility with their class schedule, have experience with computers and Vista specifically, and are self-motivated learners.  The mandatory orientation is actually online and must be completed the first few days of the semester or be subject to withdrawal.  The only on-campus meetings are the two proctored midterm and final exams.  Students are responsible for signing up for these proctored exams according to the schedule set up by the proctors (TBA).  Dates and times for these exams will be offered at each of our campus locations.

What is this Western Civilizations II course about?

Online HIST 1122 covers the same material and has the same goals of the traditional classroom based course.  HIST 1122 is a survey course of Western Civilization from early modern times to the present covering political, social, and cultural developments.  A range of example topics covered include 17th and 18th Century Revolutions, World Wars, and the crafting of post-WWII Europe.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I ready for an online class?

I highly recommend that you take the Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator (READI) to assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences.  You can find the READI at

On that page you will find several User Names and Passwords.  Just select and use the one that best fits your major area of study.  When the READI opens, you will notice a navigation bar on the left side.  The items listed in the bar are the areas that you will be measured on by the indicator.  At the end, a report will be displayed which you can use to help you prepare to be successful as a distance-learning student.

What is the work load?

The rule of thumb for any course (traditional or online) is that you should expect to spend at least one to three hours outside of classroom hours working on the course for every hour you are in class.  So, for a three hour credit course you should expect to spend at least three to six hours a week working on that course.  Think about it, the idea behind a “full time” student is based on the concept of the forty hour “full time” employee.  As an additional note, a history course (traditional or online) requires a lot of reading and writing.

Does this course involve watching Lecture DVDs?

No, this is a web-based course.  DVD courses are listed as such.

Do I ever have to show up on campus in person?

Yes.  While the mandatory orientation is all online, you must show up on campus twice for the proctored midterm and final exams.  The proctored schedule will be available with the full course information once the semester has begun.

What books are required?

Required Text:  Frank Kidnur’s Making Europe: People, Politics and Culture Volume 2.

Required Citation Text:  Mary Lynn Rampolla’s A Pocket Guide to Writing in History, 6th Edition.

What are typical assignments?

Typical weekly assignments include weekly or bi-weekly homework (ex. discussions, short opinion essays or short research assignments based on readings).  Typical larger assignments could include some or all of the of following: midterm and final exam, essay exams, and research paper and/or project.

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