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Mr. Josh Stovall                           
Associate Professor of Sociology
Student Success Coach
GHC Employee Ambassador
Division of Social Sciences, Business and Education
Georgia Highlands College
5441 Hwy. 20 N.E.
Cartersville, GA 30121

Contact Info
For students in face to face classes, the best way to reach Mr. Stovall is through faculty email:
For students in web (eLearning) classes, the best way to reach Mr. Stovall is through D2L email:
Office: Cartersville Campus-Academic Building-Room 329
Office Phone: 678-872-8028


Spring 2018 Office Hours
Tuesday/Thursday-9:15AM-12:30PM, 1:45-3:30PM
Web course office hours are in D2L during designated times (see course syllabus). Students may also email Mr. Stovall to set up an in-person appointment.
Note: Starting Saturday, January 6, 2018, students enrolled in Mr. Stovall's Spring 2018 courses should begin regularly visiting their D2L course page for detailed, class-specific information.

Courses Offered
SOCI 1101: Introductory Sociology (In-person and Web-Spring 2018)
Mr. Stovall's Intro classes use the 2nd Edition of "Introduction to Sociology" by OpenStax College. This free, OER text can be accessed here.
SOCI 1160: Introduction to Social Problems (Web-Fall 2018)
Mr. Stovall's Social Problems classes use the 3rd Edition of "Social Problems" by Joel Best. The ISBN number is 978-0-393-28341-9. Only the textbook (paperback or ebook) is required. The GHC Bookstore link to this text is here.
SOCI 2293: Introduction to Marriage and the Family (Web-Spring 2018)
Mr. Stovall's Marriage and the Family classes use "Sociology of the Family" by Ron Hammond, Paul Cheney, and Raewyn Pearsey. This free, OER text can be accessed here.
GHSS 2901: Qualitative Research Methods in Social Science (In-person-Fall 2018) Mr. Stovall's Qualitative Methods classes use the 2nd Edition of "Qualitative Research From Start to Finish" by Robert K. Yin. The ISBN number is 978-1462517978. Only the textbook (paperback or ebook) is required. This book can be purchased here.

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