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Intro to Medical Microbiology Lab – Fall 2013

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Aug 20

Use of Compound Microscope

Classification of Common Bacteria 

Sterile Technique, Bacterial Transfers

Streak Plate Technique

Aug 27

Observation of Growth Patterns 

Bacterial Smears & Simple Stains

 Gram Stain

Sept 3

Acid Fast Stain

Gram and Acid Fast Staining Continued

Sept 10

Lab Performance Exam Part I
(Sterile Transfer, Streak Plate)

Lab performance Exam Part II
(Bacterial Stains)

Sept 17

Observing Metabolic Activity of Microorganisms

Metabolic Activity Organism Chart

Physical Agents of Microbial Control

Disinfectant and Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing

Chemical Control of Microbial Growth

Bring disinfectants from home.


Sept 24

Use of selective and differential media


Milk Microbiology

Serial Dilutions

Bring milk samples

Normal Flora and Opportunistic Pathogens

Wait to use the restroom!!

Oct 1

Catalase and Coagulase tests

Read and discuss results

 Lab Written TEST

(includes ALL of lab study)

Oct 8




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