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Georgia Highland College offers the following courses in the WEB Based, Hybrid or DVD formats. Please note that the instructors are subject to change and course offerings during the summer sessions may be limited.

Accounting 2102: Principles of Accounting II ACCT 2102 [WEB Based Course]   

3-0-3. Prerequisites: ACCT 2101

A study of the underlying theory and application of managerial accounting concepts.
Instructor(s): Annette C Maddox

Allied Health Sciences 1101: Medical Terminology AHSC 1101 [WEB Based Course]

2-0-2. Prerequisites: Satisfactory placement scores/READ 0099

This course is designed to prepare students to use a specialized language so they may communicate with other professionals in a health-care setting. Basic principles of medical word building are taught. The student will be able to define, pronounce, spell, and analyze medical terms used in the health-care fields.
Instructor(s): Marjorie G Frazier

Art 1113: Art Appreciation ARTS 1113 [WEB Based Course]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: Satisfactory placement scores/READ 0099

This course seeks to develop an understanding of the arts built upon an exposure to the painting, sculpture, architecture and other arts of contemporary and earlier times.  Illustrated lectures and readings present the sociological and psychological factors that influence the production of art and show the basic problems of design and technique in the development of an artist and his works.    
Instructor(s): Brian E. Barr

Biology 1010K: Introductory Biology BIOL 1010K [Hybrid]

3-3-4. Prerequisites: Satisfactory placement scores/ENGL 0099, READ 0099, MATH 0097

BIOL 1010K constitutes the required core course for a seven to eight semester-hour laboratory science sequence. Topics to be covered include the chemical basis of cells, general cell biology and genetics, respiration and photosynthesis, patterns of inheritance, natural selection and speciation and an introduction to the major kingdoms of life. The laboratory component provides hands-on experience in analysis and evaluation of biological processes. This course provides a foundation for the non-science major in the skills of inquiry, data collection, and critical thinking while introducing the student to the basic concepts of the life sciences. NOTE: This course is a prerequisite to more specific courses designed to complete a science sequence. Credit for this course is not granted for students with credit in BIOL 2107K or BIOL 2108K. Laboratory Fee.  This is an 8-week hybrid class which includes both an online(Vista) and an in-class laboratory component.
Instructor(s): Merry C. Clarkand Devan M Rediger        

Biology 2154K: General Zoology BIOL 2154K [Hybrid]

3-3-4. Prerequisite: Completion of BIOL 1010K or BIOL 2107K with a grade of C or better

This course includes an overview of the diversity of the viruses, heterotrophic Bacteria, heterotrophic Protista and the Kingdom Animal.  Animal organ systems will also be studied comparatively in terms of anatomy, function and physiology; special emphasis will be placed on vertebrates. Laboratory Fee.  This is an 8-week hybrid class which includes both an online (Vista) and an in-class laboratory component.
Instructor(s): Charron Sharryse Hendersonand Devan M Rediger                  

Biology 2190: Principles of Nutrition BIOL 2190          [WEB Based Course]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: BIOL 1010, 2107 or 2121 with a grade of C or better or consent of instructor

This course covers the fundamental principles of human nutrition from a biological perspective. Included will be the study of the major nutrient classes, nutrition and related diseases, role of major nutrients, consumer concerns about food, and the requirements of various stress groups.   
Instructor(s): Thomas P. Harnden  

Communications 1100: Human Communications COMM 1100 [WEB Based] & [Hybrid]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: none

A broad approach to oral communications skills, including intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, and public speaking.  Includes in-class group and individual speaking activities covering a variety of human communication techniques, formats and contexts. Course available in a variety of formats, including two web-based options (online and hybrid), and DVD delivery, and with an interpersonal/service learning emphasis.  Alternatives vary according to semester and campus location.
Instructor(s): Dana Pergrem

Criminal Justice 2411: Criminology                     CRJU 2411  [WEB Based Course]

3-0-3.  Prerequisite: none 

A survey of criminology theory and practice, the nature and causation of crime and the etiology and nature of criminal offenses and offenders.
Instructor(s):Gregory E Sumner             

Criminal Justice 2701: Courts and Basic Criminal Procedures  CRJU 2701 [Hybrid]

Prerequisite: none 

This course will introduce the courts systems’ legal bases, structure, jurisdiction, operation and its interaction with other government agencies.  It will also create a basic understanding of each stage of criminal procedures as viewed from the legal perspective, including special emphasis on fundamental constitutional limitations.
Instructor(s): Gregory E Sumner

Education 2120: Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity in Educational Contexts EDUC 2120 [Hybrid]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: ENGL 0099, MATH 0097, and READ 0099/Satisfactory placements scores

This course is designed to equip future teachers with the fundamental knowledge of understanding culture and teaching children from diverse backgrounds.
Instructor(s): Sherry A Green                 

English 1102: Composition II                                ENGL 1102 [WEB Based]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: ENGL 1101 with a grade of C or better

A composition course focusing on skills required for effective writing in a variety of contexts with emphasis on exposition, analysis, and argument. Also includes introductory use of a variety of research skills.
Instructor(s): Cindy P Wheeler                

English 2112: World Literature II                        ENGL 2112 [DVD]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: ENGL 1101 with a C or better and ENGL 1102 with a C or better

A survey of important works of world literature from the mid-seventeenth century to the present.
Instructor(s):G. Frank Minor                  

English 2132: American Literature II                 ENGL 2132 [WEB Based Course]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: ENGL 1101 with a C or better and ENGL 1102 with a C or better

A survey of American literature from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.
Instructor(s):Cindy P Wheeler                

Freshmen College Computer Studies 1100                    FCCS 1100 [WEB Based Course]

2-0-2. Prerequisite: none

This introductory course acquaints the student with the fundamental structure of the microcomputer, its operating system and some of its applications. Particular attention is given to word processing. Internet access and Power Point use are included. Instructor(s): Harriet Kiser

Freshmen College Studies 1010: The College Experience FCST 1010 [WEB Based]

1-2-2. Prerequisite: none

Designed for both the recent high school graduate and the student returning to school after several years, this course assists students in adjusting to college life. The course provides students with techniques needed for college success. Emphasis is on study skills (taking tests, reading textbooks, effective note taking and prioritizing time), stress management, exploration of personal goals and using college resources. FCST 1010 also aids students in identifying career interests. The course is recommended for all students but especially for new students.
Instructor(s):Meredith K Ginn& Elizabeth E Gore           

Geology 1122K: Historical Geology                     GEOL 1122K  [WEB Based]

3-3-4. Prerequisite: GEOL 1121K or GEOL 1123K with a grade of C or better 

This course covers geologic time, sedimentary environments, fossils and Earth history.
Instructor(s): William L Morris       

History 1112: World Civilization since 1500 HIST 1112 [WEB Based]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: Satisfactory placement scores/READ 0099 and ENGL 0099

A survey of world history from early modern times to the present, this course surveys peoples, cultures and institutions of modern world civilizations. Credit will not be allowed for HIST 1112 and HIST 1122 in the same area of the general education curriculum.
Instructor(s): Karen H Huggin         .

History 2111: American History I HIST 2111 [DVD]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: Satisfactory placement scores/READ 0099 and ENGL 0099

A survey of U. S. history to the post-Civil War period, this course stresses the political and constitutional history of the United States from earliest settlements until 1865. It satisfies the state legislative requirements in United States and Georgia history.
Instructor(s): Steven Ray Blankenship


History 2112: American History II HIST 2112 [DVD]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: Satisfactory placement scores/READ 0099 and ENGL 0099

A survey of U. S. history from the post-Civil War period to the present, this course stresses developments from Reconstruction forward. It satisfies the state legislative requirements in United States and Georgia history.
Instructor(s): Steven Ray Blankenship      

Mathematics 0097: Elementary Algebra MATH 0097 [Hybrid]

4-0-4. Prerequisite: none

This course is a review of elementary algebra.
Instructor(s): M Allan Hagerstrand, Aimee Suggs

Mathematics 0099: Intermediate Algebra MATH 0099 [Hybrid]

4-0-4. Prerequisite: Satisfactory placement scores/MATH 0097

This course is a review of intermediate algebra. Topics include numbers, linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, polynomials and rational expressions and roots. Students must pass the class with a C or better and pass the statewide exit examination.
Instructor(s): Aimee Suggs


Mathematics 1001: Quantitative Skills and Reasoning MATH 1001 [Hybrid]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: Satisfactory placement scores/MATH 0099; recommended

pre/corequisites: ENGL 0099 and/or READ 0099

This course places quantitative skills and reasoning in the context of experiences that students will be likely to encounter. It emphasizes processing information in context from a variety of representations, understanding of both the information and the processing and understanding which conclusions can be reasonably determined. Topics covered include sets and set operations, logic, basic probability, data analysis, linear models, quadratic models and exponential and logarithmic models. This course is an alternative in area A of the core curriculum and is not intended to supply sufficient algebraic background for students who intend to take precalculus or the calculus sequences for mathematics and science majors. Students receive credit toward graduation for only one of the following courses: MATH 1001, MATH 1111.
Instructor(s): Harriet Kiser

Mathematics 1071: Mathematics I MATH 1071 [Hybrid]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: Satisfactory placement scores/MATH 0097

This course in practical mathematics is suitable for students in many career and certificate programs. Topics covered include a review of basic algebra, ratio and proportion, percent, graphing, consumer mathematics and the metric system.       
Instructor(s): Harriet Kiser

Mathematics 1111: College Algebra MATH 1111 [WEB Based][Hybrid]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: Satisfactory placement scores/MATH 0099

This course is a functional approach to algebra that incorporates the use of appropriate technology. Emphasis will be placed on the study of functions and their graphs; inequalities; and linear, quadratic, piece-wise defined, rational, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions. Appropriate applications will be included. Students receive credit

toward graduation for only one of the following courses: MATH 1001, MATH 1111.
Instructor(s): Aimee B Suggs        

Mathematics 1113: Precalculus MATH 1113 [WEB Based][Hybrid]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: MATH 1111 with a C or better

This course is designed to prepare students for calculus, physics and related technical subjects. Topics include an intensive study of algebraic and trigonometric functions accompanied by analytic geometry as well as DeMoivre’s theorem, polar coordinates and conic sections. Appropriate technology is utilized in the instructional process.Instructor(s): Jeffrey R Linek

Mathematics 2200: Elementary Statistics MATH 2200 [WEB Based]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: MATH 1001/MATH 1111

This is a basic course in statistics at a level that does not require a knowledge of calculus.  Statistical techniques needed for research in many different fields are presented.  Course content includes descriptive statistics, probability theory, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, Chi-square, regression and correlation.
Instructor(s): Jeffrey R Linek

Music 1100: Music Appreciation MUSC 1100 [DVD]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: none

An introduction to Western classical, jazz, folk and popular music and to the music of non-Western cultures. Discussion of music in its social and historical context using recordings, films and live performances. No previous knowledge of music is required.
Instructor(s): Robert C Adams

Nursing 1152: Clinical Calculation NURS 1152 [WEB Based][DVD]

2-0-2. Prerequisite: none

This course is an introduction to the three systems of measurements – metric, apothecaries and household systems – that are commonly used in the preparation and administration of drugs and solutions. Conversions of equivalents within and between the systems will be emphasized. Students should be familiar with basic mathematical concepts.  This course is designed to help nursing students and practicing nurses apply mathematical concepts to the area of drugs and solutions. Laboratory fee. Note: NURS 1152 is offered every semester and the format rotates between DVD and web base. Please contact the instructor or the Nursing Program for more information.
Instructor(s): Rebecca F Maddox   

Physical Education 1010: Concepts of Fitness and Health PHED 1010 [WEB Based]

1-2-2. Corequisite: READ 0099

An interdisciplinary course designed to instruct the student in ways to maintain or improve quality of life. The concepts of fitness             
Instructor(s): Catherine E King, Lisa M. Jellum

Physical Education 1020: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid PHED 1020 [WEB Based Course] & [Hybrid]
1-2-2. Required for graduation in selected programs; elective in other programs. Corequisite: READ 0099 or satisfactory placement scores

A study of knowledge and techniques of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation; American Heart Association certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation received upon successful completion of certification requirements. Fee required.2
 Instructor(s): Catherine E King
                        Zachary Jeremiah Wilson

Political Science 1101: American Government POLS 1101 [WEB Based Course]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: Satisfactory placement scores/READ 0099 and ENGL 0099

This course is an introduction to the study of American government and deals primarily with the development and contemporary functioning of American political institutions with a focus on the national government and national politics. It satisfies the state legislative requirement concerning the United States Constitution and the Georgia Constitution.
Instructor(s): Teresa L Hutchins     

Psychology 2103: Introduction to Human Development PSYC 2103 [WEB Based Course]3-0-3. Prerequisites: Satisfactory placement scores/READ 0099 and ENGL 0099

This course examines human development across the lifespan from conception to death with an emphasis on normal patterns of physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes. Structured field experiences promote student competency in observation, interpretation and understanding of behavior.
Instructor(s): Krista Mazza

Sociology 1101: Introductory Sociology SOCI 1101 [WEB Based Course]

3-0-3. Prerequisites: READ 0099 and ENGL 0099

A survey of the discipline of sociology. Topics will include sociological theory, methodsand selected substantive areas.
Instructor(s): Susan J Claxton                 

Sociology 1160: Introduction to Social Problems SOCI 1160 [WEB Based Course]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: SOCI 1101

A theoretical and empirical analysis of selected major social problems confronting American society. The history and development of current social problems and possible future solutions are considered. Among the social problems studied are crime and delinquency, poverty, mental illness, family
Instructor(s): Susan J Claxton                 

Spanish 1001: Elementary Spanish I SPAN 1001 [WEB Based] & [DVD]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: none

Introduction to listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish and the culture of Spanish-speaking regions.  Note: This course does not carry credit toward graduation at Georgia Highlands College; it serves only as a prerequisite to SPAN 1002. The same may be true at some other University System institutions.     

 Instructor(s): Kathryn J Garcia,    Mark D Greger

Spanish 1002: Elementary Spanish II SPAN 1002 [WEB Based]

3-0-3. Prerequisite: Spanish 1001 or placement (advanced placement test)

Continued listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish and the culture of Spanish speaking regions. May carry only institutional credit

 Instructor(s): Mark D Greger


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