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CRN20670  MATH1113 Precalculus  (Online)

3-0-3. Prerequisite: MATH 1111

This course is designed to prepare students for calculus, physics and related technical subjects. Topics include an intensive study of algebraic and trigonometric functions accompanied by analytic geometry as well as DeMoivre’s theorem, polar coordinates and conic sections. Appropriate technology is utilized in the instructional process.

Course Structure, Online Lessons and Expectations 

This course is completely online with the exception of the final exam. Active online participation is expected of all students. All students must have good computer skills, be online the first week, and take an on campus final exam.  The first class day is Saturday, January 11, 2014 is required.  In addition, students must login to the Desire2Learn course Website by January 16, 2014.  The orientation will be administered online and can be found in the Getting Started module within the Desire2Learn (D2L) course section. This orientation must be completed by January 17, 2014. Coursework will be completed through D2L and MyMathLab. Instructions for enrolling in MyMathLab are included in the Getting Started module and students are expected to enroll in MyMathLab by Friday, January 17, 2014. Students who do not meet the attendance and login requirements are subject to withdrawal.   You must have good computer skills, be online starting the first week, and regularly access the My Math Lab online materials 

The course is step up in five units with most of your instruction being provided online at the Desire2Learn(D2L) and My Math Lab (MML) sites.  From the D2L course home page, you will go to the Content tab under which we will find the  “Units".  In each Unit, you will find an outline of the material to be covered that week, the online lesson(s), assessment item links, and links to other materials.  You are required to view all of the online lessons and other material in each  unit.   You are expected to check the course web site on at least three non-consecutive days a week for announcements, emails, or updates.  You are expected to email your professor within the course email system with your questions.

Note, the first day that you will be able to access the course Web sites is Saturday, January 11, 2013

Read the facts about this course that will help you to successfully complete it.

Required Materials:

  1. Textbook: Precalculus, Fifth Edition, Robert Blitzer
  2. The MyMathLab access code –buy bundled with the textbook
  3. Calculator: Each student taking this course needs access to a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator.   Students are required to use their calculator while participating in class, on quizzes, activities, on the final exam, and completing homework exercises.  
  4. Reliable Internet access and your own computer.

Typical Assignments

The following is a list of the typical number of assignments.  This is subject to change until the first day the course begins.

Assignment Number Points towards of Final Grade Percentage of  Final Grade
Orientation Activity
  • Syllabus Quiz
  • Introduction discussion



My Math Lab Assignments  20 400 33.3%
Online Check-Ups Best 6 of 7 240 20.0%
Check-Up Discussions  Best 6 of 7  120 10.0%
 Activity Projects  (online group participation) 200 16.7%
Final Semester Exam (on-campus) 1 200 16.7%
Totals 40 1200 100%


Online Assignments.

All students will be required to purchase the access code to the My Math Lab (MML) site.  The course ID for the My Math Lab section associated with this course will be listed within the course Syllabus in the course's Desire2Learn site. There will be 20 online assignments in the My Math Lab site that you will be required to complete.  In addition, there will be 7 Check-up  quizzes within the Desire2Learn course site that you will be required to take as well as 7 online discussion associated with the Check-ups.  Typically, the My Math Lab assignments are due the day before the Check-up over the sections covered opens. The MML assignments will be accepted late until the last day the quiz is open with a small late penalty.

Note:  All of the above items are subject to change and are an example of the course policies.  The official policies for the course will be those posted within the course D2L site.  These policies contain more details of the expectations of students taking the course.



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