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Syllabus Spring 2016


NCTM Worksheet       NOTE:  I found the missing link!  In class on Thursday,  I clicked on "Standards and Position" in the menu at the top of the NCTM website.  Then, I clicked on "Executive Summary."  The link that I was missing is to the lower left of the "Executive Summary" link.  It is "Overview of Expectations."  From that page, you can access more information about each of the content standards by following the blue links.                             


GSE Worksheet

Fluency without Fear

1.  What two/three things surprised you in this article?

2.  How have your views of fluency in mathematics been challenged/changed?

3.  From your experience, how did you learn your arithmetic facts?


Roman Numerals and Base Ten Worksheet


Psychological Backgrounds Powerpoint


Early Childhood and Numbers PPT


Represenatations of Whole Number Operations


10 X 10 grid

Large 10 x10 grid


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