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Mitosis and Meiosis Virtual Lab


Introduction:  You will use this as a guide to work through Laboratory 5 from Inquiry into Life, 13thed by S. Mader.  You must read and answer all questions in the lab manual.  During our next lab meeting I must sign off on your manual for you to receive participation points for this lab exercise.


Read the lab introduction for Laboratory 5 in the manual.

Read and complete section 5.1

               Make observations based on the photographs and diagrams in your lab manual.  I have created links for animal mitosis models and whitefish blastula slides to further demonstrate mitosis in animal cells.









CLICK HERE to watch a video on mitosis

Read and Complete Section 5.2

               It is a good idea to read through this section and have a good understanding of how to “build” the chromosomes.  CLICK HERE for a video demonstrating meiosis using pop beads.  Please be sure to answer the questions throughout this section.  (Note: pop bead color may differ from colors listed in your lab manual)  HERE is another video to demonstrate meiosis using pop beads.

               Additional Videos and Animations for Meiosis

               VIDEO ONE

               VIDEO TWO


Read and Complete Section 5.3

               Complete tables using provided diagrams and information in your lab manual.  CLICK HERE for a video comparing mitosis and meiosis.

Read Section 5.4 concerning Karyotype Anomalies

Read and Complete Section 5.5 Gametogenesis in Animals

               Use Figures to make observations.  Answer questions based on figures and photos presented in the manual.

CLICK HERE for a video on gametogenesis.  HERE is another site that has great links for oogenesis and spermatogenesis.


Be sure to answer review questions!

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