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Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid-Online &
Online Communication 1100

Read the information below, then read the notes on the web-based COMM 1100 course offerings for this semester for specific information regarding required in-person class meeting dates and times.


There are two course options for taking Communication 1100 in a web-based format:

  • Hybrid-Online courses meet for class once weekly with the remaining material presented in an online format.

  • Online courses are exclusively online except for 1 or 2 specific required class meeting days throughout the semester (this information is provided in the current course schedule).  An online orientation session is required. See course schedule and class syllabus for class-specific information.

Hybrid-Online Courses:

Hybrid-Online course sections are designed to include both an online and in-class component.  Class will meet once weekly on the assigned day.  Class time will be used mostly for speeches, tests, group work and other learning activities.  Attendance is required.  The remaining material is presented in an online format.  The student will work independently by reading the textbook and by accessing the course D2L website and completing the reading and assignments posted.  Students will need regular access to an up-to-date computer and the internet to be successful in this course.  Time commitment necessary to do well:  2 or so hours per week online in addition to time required for reading the textbook, preparing for speeches, completing homework, etc.  

Textbook for this course:  COMM 3  by Verderber, Verderber & Sellnow. 

Who will succeed in this course?

This course is suitable for the “average-good” student who has a reasonable amount of self-discipline and computer savvy.  As this course still has a relatively high level of in-person instructor contact, past experience shows that a wide variety of students can be successful in this format including: reasonably prepared incoming freshman, those students juggling full-time employment and other commitments for whom this format is a benefit, and those students who have never taken an alternative delivery format course but for whom these offering fit well schedule-wise.  In general, this course is NOT well-suited to those students struggling academically. 


Online Courses: 

Online course sections include a required online orientation section and either one or two required in-person class meetings on specific days during which speeches are presented and exams given.  Course materials will be delivered through both the textbook and the course D2L webpage. Students must have regular access to a computer and the internet, and be very disciplined to be successful in this course.  Students will work independently by reading the textbook and accessing the class webpage to complete the assignments and activities posted.

Coursework usually consists of 2-3 major exams (taken during class meeting(s) as well online), 4 major speeches (during class meeting(s) as well as videoed outside of class), and other weekly online assignments.  The weekly "work" of this course will be reading/studying the textbook and accompanying online materials in preparation for speeches and exams, preparing and practicing speeches, and a weekly activity such as a discussino board or quiz.

Textbook for this course:  COMM 3  by Verderber, Verderber & Sellnow. 

Who will succeed in this course?

This course is suitable for the “good” student who has the self-discipline and organizational skills to work independently, and a solid amount of computer savvy.  Past experience shows that this group often includes: non-traditional students juggling full-time employment and other commitments, students who regularly successfully complete distance learning course options, students with successful previous college experience, or any student highly motivated to complete the course in an online format.  In general, this course is NOT well-suited to those students struggling academically, the average incoming freshman who has no previous college experience, and those who require a high level of face-to-face instructor contact to remain on track. 


  • A mandatory online orientation will be held within the D2L course site. Students must logon to D2L and complete the “Start Here” section of the orientation by end of day on the date indicicated in the current course schedule.  Otherwise, they will be considered “non-attending” and dropped from the course. 
  • Additionally, 1 or 2 in-person class meetings are REQUIRED for this course during which students will present speeches to the class in person and take exams. See the current course schedule for in-person class meeting dates and campus locations.  
  • ****When you sign up for a course section of Online COMM 1100 you are signing up for the particular class meeting days/times/locations associated with that section.  Please read the course description carefully to determine the meeting dates/times for your course.
  • ******Students must have access to an "audience" (friends, family co-workers, etc.), and to a "professional" looking setting in which to film the speech video if required (examples: a classroom at a school, a meeting room at work, a classroom at church, etc.).
  • The textbook for this course is COMM 3 (3rd edition) by Verderber, Verderber & SellnowIt is required and will be fully utilized. The online access code is NOT required.
  • Successful students must be disciplined, work independently, and attend required class meetings

Technology Requirements: Students must have access to

  • A means of recording digital video clips, such as a smart phone, iPad, etc.
  • Reliable broadband internet access
  • A functioning, up-to-date computer with speakers, microphone, webcam, Adobe Flash player, and recent operating system
  • D2L course website
  • Various technologies that may be utilized in this course, such as Respondus, Lockdown Browser, and Collaborate video chat.  These are free online applications available to GHC students. Students will be instructed regarding how to access these applications if they are needed.
  • Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that his/her technology is compatible with the requirements of the course.  
  • For more information contact


Frequently Asked Questions About the Online Course Option:

1.  What’s the deal with this web-based communication course? 

GHC is offering several sections of Communication 1100 in an online format.  The difference in these sections (CRNs) is reflected in the dates/times/campuses of the required 1 or 2 in-class meeting sessions.

This online course requires an online orientation and 1-2 mandatory prescheduled class meetings during which speeches will be presented and exams administered.  Additionally, the student will create short video clips of him/herself presenting a speech outside of class. See the current course schedule for dates and times of orientation/meetings. Course materials will be delivered through both the textbook and the course webpage. 

2.  Does this course involve watching DVDs?

No. This is a web-based course.  Web-based courses and DVD courses are occasionally listed in the same section of the course catalog, which might account for some confusion. 

3.  If this is an online course why do we have class meetings? 

Short answer: Because the experience of standing and speaking to a live audience is essential and cannot be truly recreated through any other means. 

Although online courses can be structured in a variety of formats, many have some degree of “in-person” contact for testing and various other activities.  This course requires in-class meetings on 1-2 occasions during which students will present speeches (with the class acting as an audience) and take exams.  That is, at each of the meetings each member of the class will present a speech and take an exam.  There will also be additional online assignments for this course, as well as videoed speech assignments. 

4.  So this class still has speeches which are presented to a live audience? 

Yes.  There are 4 major speeches required to complete this course.  One or two of the speeches will be given to your classmates on the scheduled in-class meeting day(s).  The others will be videoed speeches that are submitted to the instructor. 

5.  And the exams? 

Exams will be taken during class on the in-class meeting day(s), and the additional exam(s) will be given in an online format.

6.  So I’m really covering the same material I would cover in a regular Communication 1100 course? 

Precisely, only instead of learning the material by attending twice-weekly class meetings with your instructor and by reading the textbook, you will be learning the material by accessing the course webpage online to complete the readings, assignments, and activities posted there, and by reading the textbook. 

7.  How can I tell if I am a good candidate for an online course? 

Good question.  Not everyone is a good fit for an online course offering.  To be successful in an online course requires discipline and organization.  To assess your likelihood of being a good fit for this online communication course, click here to view the “Will You Be Successful in an Online Course Format?” document.  Additionally, the Student Online Readiness Tool (SORT)/REDI tool can be found at

8.  So, you’re saying this is an online course? 

Just to reiterate, this is an ONLINE course.  You will be responsible for reading on your own; you will be responsible for accessing the course webpage and completing the assignments found there on your own.  We will not talk about/go over/review course material in class.  Essentially the only things we will do in the class meetings are present/listen to speeches and take exams.  Your main contact with the instructor will be online.  Completing the online orientation and attending all scheduled class meetings are absolutely mandatory.  I have tried to be as straightforward as is possible about the nature of this course.  Please consider this information carefully.  For many of you, this format will be a great fit with your academic strengths and schedules.  For others who lack the skills required to be successful in an independent academic environment, this format will be a recipe for disaster.  Please assess yourself honestly by using the tools provided in #7 to ensure your highest probability of success.

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