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Math 2200 Online Information

Instructor: Camille Pace

This course is designed to be done as a self-study course. All the information for the course can be found in Desire-to-Learn and the Hawkes Learning Software. Your first step is to complete the orientation module in Desire-to-Learn. It includes a quiz so you will have to make sure to you understand the orientation material. If you fail the quiz, you will get dropped from the course.  If you have not completed the quiz by , you will be dropped from the course.


Required material:

  • Online Math Software: Hawkes Learning software by Hawkes Learning Systems ( The software is mandatory and needs to be purchased at the beginning of the course. Delays in getting the software will hinder your progress in the course.
  • Textbook: Beginning Statistics by Hawkes Learning Systems The book is a valueable reference and is needed for the discussion questions. In my videos, I use problems from the book.
  • Calculator: Each student taking this course needs access to a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator.  Students are permitted to use their calcultor to complete homework exercises, quizzes, and exams.
  • Internet Access: Each student will need reliable internet access to complete the work in the course. Please make sure to have a back-up plan in case your internet is down.
  • Excel and Word: You will complete the projects for the course using Excel and Word


Progress in the course: Your progress throughout the course will be monitored. If you get behind, it may be impossible to catch up. Work can not be made up and zeros will be given for missed work.

We will cover 4 different modules in the course not including the orientation module.  There will be homework for all the modules. I would advise you to read the chapters in the book, watch the Power Points, and complete the homework problems in Hawkes. You will have 4 quizzes that cover the modules, 1 midterm exam, and 1 final exam. You can work ahead on the homework. Quizzes and exams will be given at a set time and can not be moved. For the quizzes, you have will have a 4 day time period to complete them. Again, you can not make these up.


Midterm Exam:  Your midterm exam will take place in the testing center and will happen during the . You will have to make an appointment to take it. There are different testing centers at all the campuses so you can choose where and when to take it. If you do not take the midterm exam, you will automatically fail the course. No exceptions.


Am I ready for an online class? Will you be successful in this course?

If this is your first online course, I would highly recommend that you take the Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator (READI) to assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences.  

You can find the READI at

On that page you will find several User Names and Passwords.  Select and use the one that best fits your major area of study.  When the READI opens, you will notice a navigation bar on the left side. The items listed in the bar are the areas that you will be measured on by the indicator.  At the end, a report will be displayed which you can use to help you prepare to be successful as a distance-learning student.

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