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How are online courses structured?

  • Almost all graded activities happen online
  • Each week you have a quiz and a written assignment
  • Some of our assignments require you to generate content and upload it to the web.
  • Quizzes are multiple-choice questions with two attempts possible
  • Written assignments come from the book but may require thinking
  • Tests (usually 3 during the semester) are multiple-choice as well but only one attempt is allowed
  • An in person Final Exam is required at the Testing Center by GHC
  • You must feel comfortable with a computer and need internet connection
  • Every attempt is made to do everything online - but video conferencing for problems is available
  • Grades typically approximate in-class grades
  • You will need to be self motivated and dedicate time for the course
  • Book is online and Free

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Summer Courses -> Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

For a list of expectations of our online students, see this link:  What to Expect

Here is a link to some preliminary files for Earlier Web Courses (Syllabus, Book Needed, "How are we gonna do this"):

Files From Last Semester




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