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Academic Course Syllabus

Maymester 2011
PHED 1020 - First Aid and CPR CRN #50134
May 16 ; Final-June 2; Class meets Monday – Friday 8:00-11:05am
Rome Campus – Physical Education Department D-122
2 Credit Hour Course

     Angelyn Strucher, Assistant Professor of Physical Education
     Department of Physical Education
     Office:  706-204-2208
     E-mail:   Office hours:  M-F:  Rome:  7:40-8:00am

 Prerequisite: Satisfactory Placement Scores or successful completion of READ 0099

Description:  A study of knowledge and techniques of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Student Learning Outcomes:Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation BLS skills.  Students will also demonstrate knowledge of a wellness lifestyle.


A. Primary Objectives
     Students will be provided an opportunity to acquire: 
     1.) Operational knowledge of First Aid;
     2.) Operational skills in First Aid;
     3.) Operational knowledge of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
     4.) Operational skills in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
     Students will demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of a wellness lifestyle.

B.  Secondary Objectives
      Students will be provided the opportunity to acquire certification in the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Basic Life Support (BLS) Course for Healthcare Providers per the American Heart Association.

Testing/Grading Scores:


Grading Scale


 90 - 100   


 80 – 89


 70 – 79


 60 - 69     


 Below 60



Grading Procedure:




First Aid First Written Exam


First Aid Second Written Exam


First Aid Third Written Exam  


First Aid Lab Paticipation/Evaluation


First Aid Class Project(s)    


AHA CPR Written Exam   (Minimum 84/100)

CPR Final Exam



CPR Lab Participation and Evaluation





 Make-up Process: Only in cases of extreme emergencies and with prior notification along with the instructor's
      approval, will a make-up test be given.  Make-up exams may be given at the end of the semester.

Lab Participationgrade:  Attendance is mandatory in First Aid and CPR labs.  Five points will be deducted for each lab activity day missed, but made-up.  Ten points will be deducted for each lab evaluation day missed, but made-up.  Labs that are not made-up will result in non certification in CPR.  In First Aid and CPR a Twenty points per section grade reduction will also be enforced.  It is the student’s responsibility to know when lab days are scheduled.  Outline is subject to change. Regular attendance is important to be aware of lab changes.

      Title:  First Aid, CPR & AED w/Access
      Sixth Edition
      Publisher:  Jones and Bartlett Publishers
     Title: Fundamentals of BLS of Healthcare Providers
      Author:  American Heart Association
      Publisher:  WorldPoint EEC

Extended Absence Policy:If students absences constitute more than 15% (2) of the class sessions for the term, then permission from the Division Chair may be required before any course assignments can be completed. The student must be in good academic standing in the course to make-up work. Students missing more than 15% (2) of classes should e-mail, call, or meet with instructor ASAP.

Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Basic Life Support (BLS) Course for Healthcare Providers per the American Heart Association

Miscellaneous:  The consumption of food and beverages during course activities is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the instructor.

Disability Statement
If you feel that you need accommodation(s) due to a disability, please feel free to discuss this with me early in the semester.  *Georgia Highlands College has resources available for students with certain disabilities.  Accommodations (such as providing materials in alternative formats, assuring physical access to classrooms or being sensitive to interaction difficulties that may be posed by communication and/or learning disabilities) may be made through Student Support Services on all campuses.  For more information please contact 706-295-6336.

Financial aid:
Federal regulations state that if a student did not attend classes and received failing grades, then the grades were not earned and financial aid needs to be reduced accordingly. Please be advised that any student receiving a 0.00 GPA will be required to prove that the 0.00 GPA was earned by attending classes or completing requirements for each class. Students who have earned at least one passing grade for the semester will not be affected by this regulation. If a student has properly withdrawn from all classes, the student's financial aid should be adjusted from the time they signed the withdrawal form.

Students are expected to refrain from disruptive behavior at all times.  Disruptive behavior includes excess talking in class, late arrival or early departure of class.  The instructor has the right to ban the use of laptops from class.  Cell phones are to be turned off during class time. Students who display disruptive behavior may be asked to leave class.  Students may not return to class without seeking permission from the instructor.  During the absence from class, zeros may be given.  The instructor may assign additional work the student must complete.  Policies on student conduct and academic integrity may be accessed at the following URL:

Scantron sheets:  Students are required to purchase scantron sheets for each multiple-choice test.  It is the student’s responsibility to have a usable scantron sheet and pencil prior to the beginning of a test class.  This class will require 5 scantron sheets.

TOPIC OUTLINE (subject to change)




May 16


Course Introduction; First Aid Introduction; Chp. 1 Background Information; Chp. 2 Action at an Emergency; First Aid Project Assignment.






May 17


Chp. 4 Finding Out What’s Wrong; Chp. 7 Shock;  Chp. 8 Bleeding;                    LAB ACTIVITY/EVALUATION






May 18


Chp. 9 Wounds; Review for First Written Exam;  Explain Safety Project;            LAB ACTIVITY/EVALUATION






May 19


First Written Exam(Chp 1, 2, 4, 7-10) .Chp. 11 Burns; Chp. 12 Head and Spine Injuries; Chp.13 Chest, Abdominal & Pelvic Injuries;                                                                                                                  LAB ACTIVITY/EVALUATION.






May 18


Chp. 14 Bone, Joint, & Muscle Injuries; Chp. 15 Extremity Injuries; Chp. 17 Sudden Illnesses; Review for Second Written Exam.                                                         LAB ACTIVITY/EVALUATION









May 19


Second Written Exam(Chp 11-17); Chp. 18; Poisoning; Chp 19 Bites and Stings; Chp. 20 Cold Relted Emergencies; Chp. 21 Heat related Emergencies;






May 20


Chp. 22 Childbirth; Chp. 23Behavioral Emergencies;                                           Chp. 24 Wilderness;       Chp.25 Water Rescue; Chp. 26 Disaster Preparedness                                                       LAB ACTIVITY (create scenarios)






May 23


Third Written Exam; Safety Project Due; Lab make-up






May 24


CPR Introduction; Risk Factors & Prudent Heart Living; Adult and Child:  Compressions/Breathing; 1-Rescuer CPR;                                                             LAB ACTIVITY/EVALUATION                               






May 25


CPR:  Adult and Child 2-Rescuer and AED; 2-Rescuer AED Skills Test.             Infant 1 and 2-Rescuer; Rescue Breathing.                                                                         LAB ACTIVITY/EVALUATION






May 26


CPR:  Choking, 1-Rescuer CPR Skills-Test.  Course Summary; AHA Test Review                                                 LAB ACTIVITY/EVALUATION








May 27


AHA Certification Test;  Practice all Skills (scenario); Review for Course Exam                                                                                      LAB ACTIVITY/EVALUATION













May 31


CPR Course Exam; One Rescuer CPR Skills.                                                         LAB ACTIVITY/ EVALUATION








June 1


CPR Certification Re-Test if Needed























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