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1. About Faculty Academy
2. Requirements
3. Fall 2013 Course Schedule 
4. Spring 2014 Course Schedule
5. Introductory Course Descriptions
6. Academic Affairs Course Descriptions
7. Instructional Development Course Descriptions
8. eLearning Course Descriptions

About Faculty Academy

The College supports a philosophy of professional growth and development for all employees and is committed to this as a part of its educational goals. The College also recognizes that professional development is ultimately the responsibility of the individual. Our desire is that all those involved in the Faculty Academy will gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in fostering student learning and in otherwise enabling the College to meet its goals.

The Faculty Academy is meant to initiate new employees in a process of discovery, discussion, and growth that they can continue on their own for years to come. The Faculty Academy engages all new faculty in opportunities for orientation, growth, and development over a two 1/2 year period. The culmination of the process for tenure-track faculty members will be the pre-tenure review process. For others, it will be the development of a plan for continuing growth, developed in conjunction with the individual's supervisor.

Faculty Academy Requirements

The Faculty Academy is required for new full-time faculty and professional staff members. New faculty from recent years are invited to participate, as are all faculty and staff at the College.

Participants are expected to complete 60 hours of training and classes over a 2 1/2-year period. Approximately 25 hours per year will be completed in years 1 & 2, and 10 hours in year 3. Much of the time in year 3 will be spent working with the appropriate division head or faculty mentor in preparation of a dossier for pre-tenure review, which is required at the end of the 3rd year. Generally, newly hired faculty members in tenure-track positions may formally apply for tenure after 5 years.

Completion of certain classes within the Faculty Academy is required of all participants. Required classes are designated "RY1" or "RY2." Beyond that, each participant will work with the department head to determine what additional courses best meet his/her individual needs for professional development.

New faculty members establish a plan with their supervisor outlining their proposed Faculty Academy curriculum.

Participants should sign in on the attendance sheet provided at each session. At the end of each academic year, attendance records are compiled and submitted to each Y1 and Y2 faculty member's supervisor. Participants will have frequent opportunity to evaluate the workshops.


Fall 2013 Faculty Academy Courses, Workshops & Panels

Year 1 required
1. Introduction to Faculty Academy
2. Building a GHC Faculty Website
3. Introduction to D2L 
4. Introduction to D2L Hands on
5. D2L Basics
6. D2L Course Building
7. Basic Advising
8. Library Services
9. Copyright
10. Statutes, Policy & Procedures
11. Assessment at GHC

Year 2 required

1. Intermediate Advising

1 Introduction to D2L
2. D2L Basics hands-on
3. Developing a faculty Website
4. What's New in D2L 10.2?

Spring 2014 Faculty Academy Courses, Workshops & Panels

Year 1 required
1. Promotion and Tenure
2. Teaching Online: Best Practices Panel
3. Academic Integrity

Year 2 required
1. The Craft of Teaching Panel

1. The Top 25 Online Materials for Teaching and Learning
2. D2L Gradebook
3. D2L Assessment
4. D2L Content Preparation
5. Apps for iPads
6. IPads in the Classroom
7. Service Learning
8. Preparing Accessible Course Content
9. Accessibility
10. Using Collaborate


Introductory Faculty Academy Course Descriptions

Introduction to Faculty Academy (RY1)
Requirements and overview; includes Instructional Resource center website tour. (2 hr)

Academic Affairs & Advising Presentations Course Descriptions

Academic Policies & Procedures (RY1)
Reviews the regulations of the College that most affect faculty (pre-tenure, tenure and post tenure reviews; promotion; leaves; professional development and evaluation.) Gives an overview of how academic decisions are made and how they involve faculty. (2hr)

Basic Advising- Rules & Regulations (RY1)
Reviews the foundations of good advising, regulations that govern student placement in courses, and implications on course selection of the type of program (transfer or career) the student pursues. (2hr)

Intermediate Advising (RY2)
Provides an overview of the Banner Online Advising System, which is used to find information about students and available classes and sections. (2.0hr)

Assessment at GHC (RY1)
Reviews the ongoing assessment process at the College. (2hr)

Academic Integrity Panel (RY1)
Reviews GHC policy; includes panel discussion. (2hr)

Preparing for Tenure Review
Designed for those in their third year, this session provides specific review of all tenure review processes. (2hr)

Instructional Development Workshops & Panel Discussions Course Descriptions

Classroom Management Panel (RY1)
Reviews strategies for effective instruction and classroom management in the technology-enhanced college classroom. (2hr)

Craft of Teaching Panel (RY2) 
Invited panel members discuss lessons learned as an instructor at georgia Highlands College. (2 hrs)

Teaching Online: Best Practices (RY1)
Reviews current research about special issues related to online, distance, and Web-enhanced teaching and learning. (2hr)

Hybrid and Blended Courses Panel
Discusses strategies for managing hybrid and blended courses, suggests strategies for problem solving, and discusses the management of communication in technology-enhanced courses. (2hr)

eLearning Panel (RY2)
Reviews current research about the principles of designing online learning environments. Guest speakers will focus on specific areas, such as Web-enhanced instruction, e-core courses. (2hr)

Using Turnitin
Reviews strategies to detect plagiarism and discusses "term paper" mills, plagiarism detection services, and how to handle cases. Reviews "Turnitin" (2hr)



eLearning Workshops & Presentations Course Descriptions

Build a GHC Faculty Website
Introduces the basic steps involved in setting up a Website using the GHC Website management System (2 hours; annually)

Basic Web Design and Authoring
Reviews strategies and offers guidelines for the design and production of user-friendly Web pages and sites. (5hr; every 2 years)

Introduction to GeorgiaVIEW D2L (RY1)
Introduces Desire-2-Learn, a Web-based, course-management tool. Participants establish a Vista account and review the D2L development environment. (3hr; annual, fall)

GeorgiaView D2L Basic workshops
3-workshop series covering the basics of developing a course using Vista. (5hr)

D2L Gradebook
Covers online assessment, using the Gradebook, developing materials for D2l, course organization and presentation. (3hr)

Web Accessibility and Usability
Reviews strategies and offers guidelines for the design and production of user-friendly Web pages and sites. Discusses strategies for bringing a Web site into compliance with Federal accessibility Guidelines. (5hr; every 2 years)

MERLOT and USG Share
Introduces MERLOT and other online resources available to USG instructors. (2 hr)

D2L Assessment
Reviews assessment strategies and methods in D2L.

D2L Course Wizard
Use the built-in Course Wizard to put a course together.

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