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Fabulous Fridays: Kids Go To College

Sixth grade students from Floyd and Douglas County middle schools get a little taste of college life during their visit to Georgia Highlands College for Fabulous Fridays.  The program, sponsored by the GHC Foundation, allows middle school students to attend several different classes taught by college professors or career professionals.  The students also learn about the college application process, the importance of good study habits, what a GPA is, and why every student needs to graduate from high school and get some type of education/training beyond their high school diploma.    The point is to “expose” the students to a college campus, to show them that math and science can be fun.  The students love freezing items in Physics, touching brains, and learning magic tricks through math.  Many of our faculty volunteer each Friday and enjoy interacting with the students.

The program began in Fall of 2008 as a way to provide early outreach to middle school students and to expose them the importance of a high school and college education.  We have heard from many of the school counselors how we have touched students and it made a difference, and that is why we continue to do Fabulous Fridays each year.


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