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Digital Media Services/GHTV

The Digital Media Services/GHTV Department is responsible for working with faculty to assist in producing recorded lectures, portions of lectures and elements of classes that can be used to supplement lectures.

As a general rule, we work with division chairs and faculty to schedule classes which are offered as part of the regular GHC schedule. These classes are then taught at the GHTV studio which is located at Heritage Hall. Students have the option of attending the live recordings of the class, which occur at the prescribed regular class times, or watching the recorded version on GHTV at various playback times scheduled throughout the week. In order to enroll in a GHTV class students should be in the Greater Rome area and have access to Comcast Cable. After classes are recorded they are then made available as a college by DVD class the following semester. While enrollment numbers for the GHTV class can sometimes be marginal, the enrollment numbers for DVD classes traditionally have been high. This has been the basis of operation for this department for several years.

Digital studio and podcasting services

As technology moves forward we also move ahead and look for various ways to assist faculty through video production. In addition to the traditional method of recording full classes we also work with faculty to assist in producing video elements that can be used to supplement class lectures. These video supplements can be made available to students in a variety of ways including links on websites and through podcasts.

An example of this could be offering a brief recorded version of a specific way to identify a mineral for geology, the reading of a specific poem for literature, a specific assessment for nursing, or a brief conversation in a foreign language for Spanish or French. We are also available, when time allows, to record an entire semester of lectures in back-to-back fashion to fit faculty’s schedule so that the series can be made directly available as a DVD course.

Our studio is comprised in a digital environment complete with robotic cameras, DVCAM recording decks, and Final Cut editing software. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any ideas that you may have that involve using video as a supplement to your lectures or adding one of your classes to the catalog of DVD courses.

If you are interested please give us a call at extension 5300 and we can schedule a tour of the studio and discuss your needs. Of course if there is enough interest we would also welcome the opportunity to conduct a brief workshop on video options that are available to you.
I look forward to meeting with you and working with you in the future,

jeff h. brown
director/digital media services/ghtv
georgia highlands college/heritage hall
415 east third avenue
rome, ga 30161 usa
706.295.6732 fax


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