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A Word About Technology:

ELearning students are expected to have access to a reliable computer and Internet provider.  ELearning students are expected to have good computer and technical skills.  Professors are not responsible for solving a student's technical issues or computer problems which are outside of the learning management system.  ELearning students are expected to solve their technical difficulties with their computer, Internet access,  or other issues which are outside of the control of GHC staff.  Consideration or accommodation may not be made for  computer skills deficiencies or technical issues.  Saying "my computer did work" or "my DSL line was down" or similar comments will not release eLearning students from the responsibility of submitting assignments by the due dates. While there may be a range of dates for all assignments, it is suggested that, as an eLearning student, you do not wait until the last hour to submit any of the assignments. 

Computer Backup Plan

It is highly recommended that eLearning students have a reliable backup computer and Internet access plan should their primary computer or Internet service have technical difficulties.  Keep in mind that there are computers available to student use at each of the GHC campuses. However, these are only available when the campuses are open.

Recommended Computer Skills

Basic Computer Requirements and Skills

The Advanced Learning Technologies division has a Web page that lists the minimum requirements in terms of computer hardware and skills you need to be successful in a course. Follow this link to see that list Remember that while you computer skills many improve, it is not the goal or purpose of a GHC Online course to teach you basic computer skills. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have the following skills before taking an online course:

Internet Skills

  1. Use a Web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer not AOL)

  2. Be able to decipher a URL (i.e.

  3. Be able to use Google search engine

  4. Manage Bookmarks or Favorites

Email Skills

  1. Send an email message to someone not in your address book

  2. Add someone to your address book

  3. Open an email message

  4. Reply to an email message

  5. Attach a document & send to someone in an email message

  6. Open an attached document that someone has sent to you in an email

General Skills

  1. Manage files (find, copy, edit)

  2. Download & install software from a website to your computer

  3. Create a document using Word

  4. Use a help system to solve a problem or figure out how to do a task that you do not know how to do (i.e. add a header with page numbers and file name to a Word document)

  5. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer


  1. The computer you use needs to be sufficient enough to render modern web pages, and play video and sound

  2. It is strongly recommended that you have broadband Internet service. There are several service providers available that offer high speed connections which will enable you to download required web pages without hesitation.

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