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Your eLearning Course: What to expect

7. eLearning dates are important    part of a calendar


It is essential that you understand that eLearning courses are not self-paced classes. Within each course, there are specific due dates or deadlines for assignments, projects, and exams. Therefore, keeping track of eLearning course dates is a key factor to your success in any class.

It is important for you to be aware of the Georgia Highlands College academic calendar and of the class assignment calendar within your eLearning course.  You can find the GHC academic calendar at  The semester start and end dates, drop/add period, withdrawal deadline, midterm exam, and final exam dates are listed on this calendar.

In your eLearning course, your instructor should have the course calendar available to you on the first day of class.  However, be aware that the course calenda is subject to change at your instructor's discretion.  If you're not sure about a deadline, read the course syllabus and course calendar, and remember that you can always email or call your professor.


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