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Your eLearning Course: What to expect

6. Procrastination just won't work here.

If you are the kind of person who tends to put off doing things until the very last minute, eLearning probably is not for you. Most eLearning procrastinators find that waiting to complete assignments leads to sometimes forgetting about them or having last-minute technical problems and ending up with a grade of zero!  In fact, you should plan to logon to your eLearning class the very first day.  Also, try to be among the very first people to post a discussion response rather than the last.  You will find that staying ahead of your assignments will impress your instructor, make you feel confident, and dramatically increase your chances of success in this type of learning environment.

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Mandatory orientations and the first day:

Many of the online and DVD courses have mandatory orientations.  Yes, you are required to attend these, and your are expected to adjust your schedule to be in attendance.  At the discretion of the faculty member, students may be required to attend a mandatory on campus orientation and/or complete an online orientation provided within the course. In addition, students are expected to login to their eLearning course within 7 days of the start of classes.  Any student who does not complete the required orientation and/or does not login to the course with 7 days of the start of the semester is subject to withdrawal from the course..  In a hybrid class, most instructors consider the first day of class as a mandatory attendance day.


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