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Your eLearning Course: What to expect

10. Is eLearning right for me?

What are the challenges?
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Online learning is not for everyone.  If you are signing up for an eLearning course because you think it will be easier than a traditional lecture class, then eLearning may not be right for you.  Some students find it difficult to manage their time and effort without the regular face-to-face contact of the traditional classroom. Others feel that they learn better by hearing lectures than by reading. Some are unprepared for the amount of writing required by online assignments and discussions. In addition you must have basic computer skills and a "nice" computer with Internet access. 

Am I ready for an eLearning class? 
Use the
Online Education Readiness Assessmen t   to assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences.  Go to the Online Education Readiness Assessment at

Do you have the recommended computer skills and system requirements to be successful in eLearning?

Go to the list of recommended-computer-skills at

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