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Frequently Asked Questions


Is GHC Online right for me?
Since 2000, many students have successfully completed GHC Online courses. Interviews and surveys show that these high-performing online learners share some important characteristics. Students are most likely to succeed in GHC Online when they:

  • have reliable access to an Internet-connected computer.

  • know how to navigate web sites, manage email, work with files, and do other basic computer tasks.

  • can organize their own time to complete assignments and meet deadlines.

  • participate actively in online discussions.

  • are comfortable asking for help or clarification when needed.

  • are prepared to work as hard online as they would in a face-to-face class

Use the Student Online Readiness Tool (SORT) to assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences.

What are the benefits of GHC Online?
Many students prefer online learning. They enjoy taking greater control of their studies and working at their own pace to meet deadlines rather than attending scheduled classes. Some report that online discussions are more interesting than classroom discussions, because the participants reflect more carefully on what they write and because discussions are less likely to be dominated by one or two individuals. For others, online classes are the perfect way to combine higher education with work and family responsibilities.

How do I purchase my books?
You can purchase your books in person or online at either the Floyd campus location in Rome or the Cartersville campus location.

How do I register for the course?
For the most part, electronic based courses follow the same procedure as traditional course registration. New students should complete the application process,and returning students may register online through The SCORE.

How will I interact with the faculty?
Since this is an on line course most of your communication with the professor will be done electronically via email. Each instructor will specify the preferred methods of communication available for the specific course. You may also visit or call the instructor during his/her office hours; the times will be made available on the website specific for the course.

How will I interact with other students in the course?
If interaction is required for the course the professor will inform students of the preferred method. Methods can include but not be limited to email, telephone conference call, online discussion boards. In most cases when interaction and discussion is required, the professor will set up an on line discussion board specific to the class.

How will I turn in the assignments?
In most cases assignments will be completed and submitted via on online method. In some cases, instructors may direct you to drop off assignments at one of the Georgia Highlands College campuses or send via postal mail. Methods will be stipulated in each course's syllabus.

How will I take quizzes and tests?
The instructor will specify during orientation and on the syllabus as to when and where quizzes and tests need to be taken. They may be given online or proctored at a Georgia Highlands College location.

How will I receive my grade?
Students can access their grades through The SCORE.

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