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General Suggestions


  • Don't let 'distance' prevent participation, and use the technology to its full advantage.
  •     -Billy Morris, Associate Professor of Geology


  • Don't miss the orientation!!
  •     -Amelia Billingsley, former Professor of Development Studies


  • Do not take the class if you are not a self-starter!
  •     -Dr. Catherine King, Associate Professor of Physical Education


  • One of the things that I think would be helpful for students who are taking these special courses would be for them to obtain a calendar. Place this in a prominent place and mark off certain days that they would need to complete a segment of their lessons. By establishing a target date to complete their studies, they would be more likely to complete the course. Procrastination leads only to failure, be it in coursework or in life! I'm still working on my own "I'll do that tomorrow" self.
  •     -Mary Rhinehart, Former Instructor of Nursing


  • Do not be afraid to ask for clarification on assignments or course material. An instructor who knows a student is trying will be more than happy to assist the student. If you do not ask for help, the instructor has no way of knowing you are having difficulty until the tests are scored - which can be too late!
  •     -Carla Patterson, Instructor of English


  • The Tutorial Center is available to all distance learning as well as on-campus students. We are located in the Central Campus' Library, and also have tutors available at all satellite campus sites.
  •     -Jeanie Cassity, Tutorial Center Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor in English and Developmental Mathematics


  • My number one piece of advice is stay up to date. When students get behind, they don't make it. Second, go to orientation; it is not optional. Finally, ask for help if you need it. Often your problem can be fixed.
  •     -Dr. Bruce Jones, Professor of Economics.



  • College by DVD and GHTV: I think it's very important that they know how to manage their time. They must set aside a specific number of hours per week for viewing the DVD or programs.
  •     -Belen Nora, Professor Emeritus and Part-time Professor of Nursing Education


  • Students must set a definite viewing and reading schedule so that they will not put everything off until the last minute.
  •     -Dr. Kristie Kemper, Professor of English


  • They are good courses, and if you stick with it you will learn a lot; but, they are simply not the way to learn for some students. The biggest downside is the lack of classroom interaction; many students need this, plus the discipline of having to be in class a scheduled time. If you can learn without either of these, you may succeed in College by DVD courses as they are basically independent study type courses. You MUST be highly self-disciplined and able to work on your own with a minimum of supervision. Students with a tendency to procrastinate or put things off never make it in these courses. Do not be misled by the fact that you watch some of the course on T.V. The videos are a fairly small part of the course, compared to the amount of required reading.
  •     -Dr. William Mugleston, Chair of Social and Cultural Studies and Professor of History


  • Watch the entire program as there is necessary information until the end. Take good notes and review taped programs if you must. If you have any questions call the teacher. They are always willing to help, especially in a class such as this. Take the class seriously and don't get behind watching the programs. Once you get behind it is very hard to catch up.
  •     -Robbie Nash, Former Extended Learning Technical Director


  • For GHTV, students should come to the studio whenever possible to interact with the instructor. This lessens the distractions of home. With College by DVD, students must be sure they do not fall behind in watching the DVDs. It is best to watch them alone and take the phone off the hook so there are no interruptions.
  •     -Tracy Roberts, Former Nursing Student


  • Taking a class by the College by DVD method is very difficult!!! To succeed, a student must be a good "self-motivator" and be willing to work hard. They key to success in a College by DVD course is to keep pace and at least make an attempt to work all of the assigned homework. Do not wait until the day before a scheduled exam and attempt to view the appropriate DVDs!!! Also, check all of your DVDs to see if there are sound problems, missing sections, etc. Please make this check well in advance of any scheduled exam, and notify the Library and/or instructor as soon as possible. Communication is also an essential part of success in a College by DVD course. If you are trying to do homework and hit a snag, feel free to call and/or e-mail your instructor.
  •     -Jack Sharp, former Professor of Mathematics

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