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eLearning requires a specific set of learning skills, and may not be for everyone. Before signing
up for distance courses, take the Online Education Readiness Assessment at the
following link: to get a better idea if this kind of college environment is right for
you. All eLearning students must have their own computer and Internet access independent of
GHC campus sites.

Now you can get an associate’s degree in business, general studies or history via
eLearning (Web, DVD and/or hybrid).  If you want to learn whether your associate’s
program will be available via eLearning, just ask the Admissions office.

Here’s What You Can Expect from eLearning

  • You won’t meet as many times as you would in a traditional in-class course.
  • You’ll spend much of your time on your computer, because that is where you’ll find your assignments and readings.
  • You’ll also go online to interact with your classmates and instructors on the coursediscussion board.
  •  You will be the one to be responsible for doing your assignments and staying on track.
  • If you’re in a hybrid class, you’ll see an instructor on a regular basis at a scheduled time.

GHC is constantly adding to the roster of eLearning courses, so if you don’t see yourchosen degree among the course listings, be sure to ask for availability.

Enrollment assistance:
GHC Admissions
· 706.295.6339

Questions about eLearning at GHC:

Veteran’s assistance at GHC:
· 678.872.8000
Student Veterans of America Club:
· contact Amy Wise:

General advising questions:
Serving you as faithfully
as you have served your country.

Georgia Highlands CollegeSalutes Military Veterans

You’ve served your country well. Now let us
serve your specialized needs as you go to
college. GHC offers a convenient way to earn
college credits through eLearning. This
program allows you to complete many of the
first two years, or core curriculum courses, in a
Web-based, hybrid or DVD environment –
giving you greater flexibility and convenience in
course scheduling.
Plus, we give credit for military experience in
physical education, allowing exemptions for
PHED 1100 (Personal fitness for basic military
training) and PHED 1020 (first aid and CPR
for service as a medic).
Choose from three convenient delivery options:


Hybrid courses combine traditional
classroom instruction with an electronic
component. Classes meet on an
abbreviated schedule throughout the
semester. The remaining course materials are
through distance learning. Classroomcan find more information on specific classes
at the websites provided by the courses,
including details at each hybrid course website.

Hybrid courses:

BIOL 1010: Introductory Biology
BIOL 2154: General Zoology
COMM 1100: Human Communications
CRJU 2701: Courts and Basic Criminal Procedures
EDUC 2110: Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in
EDUC 2130: Exploring Learning and Teaching
ENGL 2122: British Literature II
FCCS 1100: Freshmen Computer Studies
FCST 1010: The College Experience
GEOL 1121K: Physical Geology
GEOL 1122: Historical Geology
HIST 1121: Western Civilization I
HIST 1122: Western Civilization II
HIST 2112: American History II
MATH 1001: Quantitative Skills and Reasoning
MATH 2200: Elementary Statistics
PHED 1010: Concepts of Fitness and Health

Benefit from scheduling flexibility and
access to information and communication
resources that are different from traditional
classrooms. You can view the syllabus,
policies, assignments, instructional notes,
multimedia presentations and interactive
tutorials – all online. You’ll communicate with
professors and other students via e-mail,
electronic discussion forums and blogs. The
courses aren’t self-paced. Rather, there are
deadlines for assignments, and normally about
80 percent of the course content and contact
with students is online.
Several courses are entirely online, but most
courses require students to attend a mandatory
orientation and at least one proctored exam or
assignment. Some have a lab component that
requires several on-campus meetings.
Proctored exams require you to travel to a
GHC-approved testing site.
attendance is required on assigned days.
Web-based courses:

ACCT 2101: Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 2102: Principles of Accounting II
AHSC 1101: Medical Terminology
ARTS 1113: Art Appreciation
BIOL 2190: Principles of Nutrition
BUSA 2106: The Environment of Business
BUSA 2205: Fundamentals of Computer Application
COMM 1100: Human Communication
CRJU 2411: Criminology
ECON 2105: Principles of Macroeconomics
EDUC 2120: Diversity in Education
ENGL 1101: English Composition I
ENGL 1102: English Composition II
ENGL 2112: World Literature II
FCCS 1100: Freshman College Computer Studies
MATH 1111: College Algebra
MATH 1113: Precalculus
MATH 2200: Elementary Statistics
NURS 1103: Transition to Professional Nursing
NURS 1104: Professional Nursing for Paramedics
NURS 1152: Clinical Calculations
PHED 1010: Concepts of Fitness/Health
PHED 1020: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
PHIL 2010: Introduction to Philosophy
POLS 1101: American Government
PSYC 2103: Intro. to Human Development
RELI 1116: Intro. to Religion
SPAN 1001: Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1002: Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 2001: Intermediate Spanish I


This option provides you with courses via a
series of DVDs. They contain course
lectures and other materials needed to
complete the courses. These classes are
produced on campus with GHC faculty
members, and are accompanied by traditional
text books, handouts and online
supplements. Periodically during the
semester you will meet with the instructor on
campus for labs, tests and other requirements.

DVD courses:

HIST 2111: American History I
HIST 2112: American History II
MUSC 1100: Music Appreciation
NURS 1152: Clinical Calculations
SPAN 1001: Elementary Spanish I


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