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Students Create Art Gallery at Douglasville

Douglasville students who took a community education art workshop have created art galleries in the student hub and a student lounge on the Douglasville campus.  The idea originated with art instructor  Kathleen Flowers, whose background includes working at fine art galleries.  She believes the talent of her students should be shared, and with her knowledge of hanging and lighting pieces of art to their individual advantage, she and the students were able to create beautiful spaces.  The lounge is now more inviting and the hub warmer.  Flowers plans to keep the exhibits going with rotating exhibits so that students, faculty and staff can always enjoy an environment bursting with color, design and character.  All levels of skill, from budding artists to skilled craftsman, are on display.  Take some time to visit and see for yourself next time you're in Douglasville.  Meanwhile, enjoy this photo tour of the exhibit.


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