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Diversity and Multiculturalism At Georgia Highlands College

Although the terms “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are related and often used interchangeably, each has a distinct connotation. Diversity is defined as the representation of difference among people and takes into consideration the myriad of unique human qualities that an individual may possess. Multiculturalism, on the other hand, is regarded as the process of valuing diversity by supporting the perspectives of and contributions from a wide variety of people. Therefore, in recognition of the rich sociocultural composition of the college and its potential to produce meaningful experiences, to foster authentic relationships, and to ensure social inclusion, Georgia Highlands has created a committee charged with the task of developing initiatives that will support diversity and multiculturalism at the college.

For more information regarding diversity and multiculturalism at Georgia Highlands please contact Dr. J. Sean Callahan at 678-872-8242 or


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