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Customer Service Recognition

Vivian Benton Staff Award

Employee who has completed at least three years of service; willingly served in any capacity asked by the college; actively volunteered for special events and contributed to their success; served on committees (or other college projects) and contributed to their success; projected a positive image of the college; and generally served the college above and beyond the call of duty.


2011 Honorary: Theresa Kellett


“…..Theresa never hesitates to offer her help to our students who visit the Floyd Campus Library.  Whether interacting with students by phone, email, or in person, she provides cheerful and helpful service.  She works tirelessly to make sure that everything flows smoothly behind the scenes in our libraries, so that our students will have a good experience, and also so that our entire library faculty and staff can perform at their best.


“In my opinion, Theresa is one of the unsung heroes of Georgia Highlands College, and I am delighted to nominate her for the Vivian Benton Staff Award”



Community Involvement Faculty/Staff

Recognizes employees who have been employed for a minimum of two consecutive years; generously donate time, energy or skills; positively impact our community; demonstrate commitment to others; exhibit initiative in making a difference; sustain a significant record of community service; act as responsible member of the community; and share spirit and positive attitude towards/with others.


2011 Community Involvement Staff Honoraria’s: Jennifer Purcell and David Mathis


“Jenn is more than happy to work with individuals on anything to further learning and advance students.  She speaks at FYE workshops and collaborates with other professors readily.  As far as the local community, she is very active with Adopt A Golden Atlanta as a foster and home inspector and with the Etowah Valley Humane Society.  She also works with Advocates for Children, GEMS (Girls Encountering & Maintaining Success), and Relay for Life.  At Georgia Highlands she is very active with the GHC American Association for Women in Community Colleges chapter, serving as vice president the past two years, and serving as the Community Service Chair for this important organization fall 2011. Jenn also has been involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Awana, and many other service organizations in the Cartersville area.  Jenn has a love of service and a seemingly endless energy towards taking on service projects.  She is an excellent candidate for the staff Community Involvement Award for 2011.”


“David Mathis is the face of GHC in so many venues. He is the voice of integrity and the volunteer who responds to the sports community from tennis to basketball and much, much more. People in this community know that they can count on active involvement, positive attitude and can-do spirit from David. What more could anyone want in a GHC employee than someone like David? One specific example: Because of David’s efforts invested in the Holiday Basketball Tournament, hundreds, maybe thousands, of students’ associated scholarships have made the difference between attending college and giving up on the dream altogether. You can hardly go anywhere in Rome/Floyd County that you won’t see some fruit of his labor, at a Recreation Center, a baseball park, a swimming pool or a basketball court. His work on the annual Foundation Camp is extraordinary, his ever-present heart for young men who need extra fostering clearly in view. For years, David has been a dedicated, hardworking and highly contributory member of the GHC family.  I wholeheartedly endorse David Mathis for this award.”


2011 Community Involvement Faculty Honorary: Harriet Kiser


”We have so many folks who are visible to the college community and I am so proud of them.  Then we have folks like Harriet Kiser, who quietly contribute to so many activities.  Whether she’s recruiting for a scholarship (she created one in her dad’s memory); tutoring math students outside of class, nights and weekends, oftentimes because Jon Hershey has identified one who needs extra help; volunteering for the S.O.W. homeless ministry by painting a bedroom or donating items of need; donating to Women’s Outreach (an organization that helps displaced woman); serving her church (Transfiguration Episcopal); volunteering at the basketball tournament; donating items for the Foundation Camp; walking for Alzheimer’s (in memory of her mom, and raising the most of any non-medical community group); walking for Diabetes; inviting folks without family to dinner for holidays; supporting Angel Express; making hats and donating toiletries and water to the homeless; supporting the Humane society or rescuing animals (she currently has 2 rescue cats, Iggy and Ridge Ferry), Harriet quietly finds time to improve the quality of life of those around her.  She does so many things, I can’t remember them all, but I’ve never known her NOT to have a trunk full of donations, an errand to run because someone needs her help, or a positive attitude of sharing her talents and her services.  She will be terribly embarrassed by any recognition, so if you don’t choose her, she won’t mind, but at least you’ll know.”



Outstanding Administrator

An administrator who has completed three years of service; willingly served in any capacity asked by the college; actively volunteered for special events and contributed to their success; served on committees (or other college projects) and contributed to their success; projected a positive image of the College; and generally served the college above and beyond the call of duty; contributed substantially to the development of his or her staff; and improved the administrative process in his or her area.


2011 Outstanding Administrator: Donna Daugherty


“… Donna has served in many capacities through the years and has always served with distinction.  It’s not often that one can rise from among their peers to a position of management over them and do so without creating resentment or an awkward atmosphere.  Yet, Donna has made that transition well and has earned the respect and admiration of her former peers.  In 2009 Donna was honored by her colleagues when they selected her to carry the Mace at graduation.  She is well respected for her fairness, her professionalism and for her dedication to the Division and to the institution.  Her passion for the sciences has always been evident both as an instructor and as an administrator. 


“Donna is dedicated to excellence in all of the science disciplines over which she is Dean—Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Integrated Science, Physical Science and Physics.  She has encouraged and supported professional development of the division faculty and staff. She regularly goes above and beyond what is required of her and spends countless hours serving the college and projecting a positive image of GHC within the community.   She willingly serves on numerous committees of the college.   She has previously served as an advising specialist and currently takes time to advise students, especially those interested in careers in the health sciences; she keeps current on curriculum issues at the Medical College of Georgia, UGA and other institutions where our students transfer.  She stays abreast of the latest trends in the biological sciences through her membership and participation in several professional organizations and she regularly attends their conferences. 


“With Donna’s whole-hearted encouragement and support, Science and Physical Education faculty and staff regularly participate in Fabulous Friday activities, math/science grant programs, the Young Scholars Program and various other activities in support of the college and the community.”


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