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Customer Service Improvement Projects

2012    Early Academic Warning System

Georgia Highlands College faculty, staff and administrators continue to explore and develop new strategies to assist the success rates of our students. We are developing new tracking systems to help identify students who may be at-risk early in the process. Using technology to track and personally contact students within their first few weeks of enrollment has become the focus for the 2012 customer service improvement project.


2011    At-Risk Advising Program

A committee of GHC employees have worked together to develop an early academic warning system for at-risk students. Students identified as being at-risk after one term of enrollment were assigned a personal academic advisor to provide them one-on-one advising sessions to help them improve their academic performance. Although students who participated showed improvement, more needs to be done during the first few weeks of enrollment in college.


2010    Technology for the Enrollment Process

The Admissions Office enhanced its Check Admissions Status link by working with our IT department to include the ability to register for placement testing and orientation registration online. These improvements provide new students with the majority of information they need to complete the enrollment process and reduced call volume to these departments by 70 percent or more.            


2009    Communication from our Business Office

The Business Services department enhanced its communication with students and added technology to simplify the online payment system. After the changes went into effect, the college experienced a 110 percent increase in students paying tuition and fees online.  Other improvements led to increased processing of refunds for both GHC students and employees.


2008    Communication with Applicants

The admissions office conducted focus groups with currently enrolled students and prospective students to identify areas of improvement. Based on information received, the website was redesigned to provide the information students were seeking in a user-friendly format. In addition, a Check Admissions Status link was created so that applicants could track their application status and identify what documents or steps were needed to complete the enrollment process. The admissions staff improved a number of processes that reduced notifications to applicants from two weeks to within one week of receipt of an application.


2007    Technology to Enhance Financial Aid Services

The processes used by the financial aid office were examined and new technology was added to streamline the aid process.  Personnel in all three enrollment services offices were cross-trained to assist students with financial aid questions and concerns. The financial aid department begin automating many of their financial aid packing processes, reducing the amount of time it took for students to receive information about their financial aid awards.



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