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Everytstudent  |  Helpful for students looking to explore questions about life and God.

Starting with God  |  If you are a new believer or you know If you know one, the Starting with God is the best resource for you. This site provides the basic helpful resources any new believer would need to get started on the journey with God.

CruPress Green  |  Global Short Film Network (GSFN) is a part of The JESUS Film Project. Their goal is to help you discover a person's story through the theme of the films. As you listen to their story, you can share your own and connect the viewer to the person of Christ. These short films are great tools for engaging in spiritual conversatiions with family, friends, and even strangers.

Soularium  |  This set of 50 images is a great (and fun) tool for evagelism. You simply go through them with a friend or student and have them answer questions like, "Which three images describe your life right now?" or "Which images best represents your view of God?". This websire will help you see how to use the Soularium set.

Cru Online Resource Store |  This online store, hosted by Cru, offers the many great ministry resources that Cru has been using in its long history. 

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