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Lead to Succeed – Management Development Certificate Program

Facilitator: A national presenter, Christina Christenson Brush earned her doctorate in Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management and International Business at Georgia State University.  Tina has over 20 years of consulting and training experience in employee and labor relations and has worked with organizations of all sizes in the profit, non-profit and public sectors in the Midwest and Southeast.  Tina has worked with organizations to develop integrated management development programs, organizational climate assessments, and as a facilitator for organizational change programs.

All ten modules must be completed within two years of initial enrollment date in order to receive the certificate.
Each module is $179.  Enroll in all ten modules and receive a 10% discount.

Module One:  Understanding People – Harness the Possibilities of Differences!

People are different and your success is increased when you develop the ability to understand how the people you work with see the world.  This module focuses on enhancing your emotional and social intelligence so you will get a better “read” on the people you work with as well as develop a greater understanding of your preferred interpersonal style and the impact you have on others. 


Module Two:   Communicating for Results

You rely on effective communication to achieve your goals and to build and maintain productive work relationships. There are many barriers to communication and these roadblocks are compounded by the increasing diversity of people at work. This module focuses on the interpersonal skills required for effective communication, understanding the impact of your communication style on others, and the skills required to build rapport, trust and credibility in your work relationships.


Module Three:   Motivation and Leadership

Most behavior is understandable if you understand what drives behavior.  People are naturally motivated and it is the goal of leadership to influence how that motivated behavior is directed.  You are critical to how employees feel about their work and how they direct their behavior at work; employees hire into companies but the leave bad bosses! This module looks at how you can create high engagement so that your staff delivers superior performance under challenging circumstances. 


Module Four:   Personal Productivity – Effective Time Management

Do you feel stretched to the limit?  Do you feel you spend your days spinning your wheels and not accomplishing your goals?  Do you understand your own unique approach to managing your time and work? This module will help you develop habits that will enable you to get more of the right things done at the right time.


Module Five:   Building High Performance Work Groups – Talent Management

Talent management is essential to developing a sustainable competitive advantage and great managers ensure they have the talent on board and ready to perform when needed. In this module you will learn how to get the information you need from employment interviews while keeping within the law. You will learn how to integrate new employees into your team as well as provide for the continued growth and development of your current team members. 

Module Six:   Managing for Superior Performance – Supercharge Your Employees

Great managers realize that through the proper management of their people, they can create a sustainable competitive advantage.  Superior performance occurs when employees become owners of their success and the success of the organization.  This module focuses on skills and techniques you can use to ensure your diverse workforce is ready to meet the ever-increasing performance expectations.

Module Seven:   Leading High Performance Teams

Collaboration and team performance are the hallmarks of successful managers and organizations. Managers must develop a culture enabling their teams to thrive on success.  High performance teams don’t just happen.  Great effort must be devoted to building, developing and maintaining high performing teams. This module focuses on techniques for developing, engaging, enabling and energizing teams. 


Module Eight:   Leading Change Efforts and Enabling Innovation

Change has become the norm for all organizations and the need for innovation has never been greater.  Unfortunately, organizations and their members tend to find change to be disruptive and often resist change initiatives.  This module focuses on your role in creating a work climate that embraces change and supports innovation and techniques designed to ensure change is embraced and effectively implemented.

Module Nine:   Conflict Management

Conflict can create serious damage for employee performance and morale if it is not handled constructively.  Conflict is inherent in all social relationships so the key is not to eliminate conflict; the key is to grow from conflict. This module focuses on techniques for diagnosing workplace conflicts, determining the root causes, and implementing the best approach to resolving conflicts.


Module Ten:   Think Like a Manager:  Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

Great managers are superior problem solvers – they ensure the decisions that need to be made are made and that the problems are solved.  This module focuses on the value of proactive managers who have the ability to establish performance priorities, establish goals, develop results-focused plans, and ensure buy-in.


Workshops provide

  • Hands-on, structured experiences focused on skills.
  • Opportunities to practice job-related application of skills.

  • Self-assessments of current skill level.

  • Personal Development Plans to be implemented on the job.


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