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Reasons to graduate and complete your associate degree before you transfer

1.  National research shows that two-year college students who finish their degree program are more successful as juniors and seniors and they complete the baccalaureate at a much higher rate than those students who transfer with simply a grab bag of credits.

2. The average expected lifetime earnings for a graduate with an associate degree is more than $1 million.

3. Students receive more personal attention and have greater interaction with faculty at two-year colleges.

4. Two-year colleges are the least expensive college option.

5. Easy access, flexible scheduling and nearby locations make getting your degree more convenient for you.


What if life’s circumstances cause you not to be able to complete your bachelor’s degree? It is certainly better to present yourself to a future employer as a completer, a college graduate, someone who is dedicated to getting the job done.  “Some college” on your resume just doesn’t quite cut it.

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