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Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJU 1100)
Prerequisites: Satisfactory placement scores/English 0989. This course is an overview of the criminal justice system in the United States.  The three principle components of the criminal justice system (courts, corrections and law enforcement) will be examined, along with social and political considerations of the criminal justice system. 3-0-3.

The American Police System (CRJU 2111)
Prerequisites: None.  This course is an introduction to law enforcement. A comprehensive survey of the history and organizational problems in American law enforcement will be examined. In addition, emphasis will be placed on leadership and management. 3-0-3.

Corrections (CRJU 2311)
Prerequisites: None.  An introduction to corrections, including its philosophy, procedures, and institutions. 3-0-3.

Criminology (CRJU 2411)
Prerequisites: None.  A survey of criminology theory and practice, the nature and causation of crime, and the etiology and nature of criminal offenses and offenders. 3-0-3.

Courts and Basic Criminal Procedures (CRJU 2701)
Prerequisites: None.  This course will introduce courts systems' legal bases, structure, jurisdiction, operation, and their interaction with other government agencies.  It will also create a basic understanding of each stage of the criminal procedures as viewed from the legal perspective, including special emphasis on fundamental constitutional limitation. 3-0-3.


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