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Refunds for Reduction of Class Loads

Financial Aid Students

Consult with Financial Aid First prior to dropping classes.

Refunds for reduction of class loads (dropping courses) by students must be prior to the completion of the drop/add period for any term.There are no refunds for course reductions (dropping classes) by the student after the drop/add period.

Refunds are calculated on hours registered and paid for and are processed during but no later than the end of the term, provided no unusual financial circumstances have occurred. Students suspended for disciplinary reasons are not entitled to refunds. For assistance, contact your academic advisor, the Office of Enrollment Services, or the Business Office.  View the refund percentage table [PDF].


Returned Check Fee: A $30.00 fee or 5% of the face amount, whichever is greater, is assessed for each check returned by a bank for non-payment . Check cashing privileges may be suspended if two or more checks are returned on an individual or agency and may result in "Cash Only" for future transactions. Nonpayment checks returned by banks could result in withdrawal from school along with processing to legal authorities for collection.  

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