Georgia Highlands College

B2B Workshop Teaches Leadership Skills

In early June, members of B2B, the GHC organization for minority men on campus, received leadership training at a workshop for returning B2B leaders. The all-day session was sponsored by 100 Black Men of Rome and Northwest Georgia, and was held at the Kelsey Aycock Burrell Center in Rome. Some of the students were officers during the 2011/2012 academic year, and will continue in the fall. Others were just elected to new positions. A few were new members interested in becoming leaders in the organization. Only one attendee, Abraham Ortiz, has graduated--and he attended to offer direction to new leaders.

The workshop covered a broad range of topics intended to help these students succeed as leaders and to help the mission of B2B challenges for young men of color, effective mentoring, how to develop peer support, leadership strategies, how to run a meeting, proper dress and etiquette, the importance of B2B and why leaders are needed, among others.

Local Rome attorney Chris Twyman talks with B2B leaders during the day-long workshop.

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