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Q: What is Mediation?
A: A conflict resolution process where a trained neutral person (or persons) assists parties in reaching a settlement of their differences.

Q: What if I am not happy with the results of mediation?
A: You may take advantage of the various other processes available at the college for resolving disputes. Mediation is not binding beyond the willingness of the parties to follow through with the agreement.

Q: Will anyone keep a record of the mediation session?
A: No. All mediator notes are destroyed. Should one be reached, the agreement will be the only paper records. This agreement will be signed by both parties and given to both parties. No copy is saved by the mediator or the college.

Q: What if I want to try mediation, but I don't want another GHC employee listening to my discussions?
A: A mediator from another school in the USG may be brought in for the process.

Q: Will the mediator tell me what to do in order to settle my dispute?
A: No; the mediator will listen to both parties and facilitate discussion between the parties. To that end, the mediator may ask questions, but will not impose a judgment.

Q: How do I submit a case for mediation?
A: Contact the Human Resources department.

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