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Faculty-Related Policies of the Academic Success and eLearning Division

The Academic Success and eLearning Division has relatively few policies of its own but this page reviews them as well as some college-wide policies of which Academic Support faculty should be aware.

Report faculty absences and other class cancelations to the site and to the division

If you need to cancel a class, please notify the following folks as far as possible in advance:

  • The Academic Success and eLearning Office (706-295-6357)

  • The site office where your class meets (if the class meets on the Floyd Campus, notifying the Division Office is sufficient)

Please let us know the reason for your absence and when you plan to be back.  We would like to avoid canceling classes if possible, and the Division Office can often arrange for substitute teachers if we know far enough in advance, usually teachers of other sections of the same course.  We may ask that you provide some materials for the class if a substitute teacher is going to cover a particular topic or proctor a test or exercise.

As appropriate, refer students with 15% or more absences to the dean

Once a student has missed 15% or more classes (total number, not necessarily consecutive) in a Learning Support course, you may, at your option, refuse to accept make-up work from the student until he or she contacts the academic dean for the division.  The dean will write you a note regarding the status of make-up work once the contact has been made.  The division does not bar students from attending class because of prior absences.

As needed, refer students with test anxiety for three visits with a GHC counselor

As early in the term as you determine that a student has test anxiety, please refer him or her to a GHC counselor.  Test anxiety is not an ADA disability and GHC is not permitted to provide accommodations to those who do not have paperwork through GHC's disability officers.  So that we can make some provision for the effects of test anxiety, we require a different type of documentation: three visits with a counselor during the term to work on test-taking strategies and test anxiety.  Students who do not have this documentation will not be considered for accommodation of any kind based on test anxiety. 

Do not cancel classes during the class days near holidays

For instance, do not cancel classes on the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Conduct final exams during the final exam period

The college does not support the use of the last class period as a time for the final exam in a course.  If you are giving a final exam, schedule it for the final exam period as shown in the newsprint bulletin or here.  Any exception to this must be approved by the academic dean for the division.

If you are teaching co-requisite Learning Support courses (MATH 0997, MATH 0999, ENGL 0999), you are not required to give a final exam.

Do not give a grade of "D" in Learning Support courses (ENGL 0989, MATH 0987, MATH 0989)

No final grades of "D" should be given in these courses. The grades are "A%," "B%," "C%" (for those who pass the class), "F%" (for those who do not have at least a C% in the course). 



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