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GHC Participates in Boy Scout Merit Badge Camp

On two chilly January mornings, Georgia Highlands played host to 155 Boy Scouts, plus their parents, troop leaders and GHC faculty for Merit Badge College.  The event is held for Scouts in the Coosa district of the Northwest Georgia Council of Boy Scouts.  Merit badges are one of the main elements of the organization’s advancement program, and until reaching Eagle Scout level, boys are able to choose which badges they pursue to match their interests.  The college is a two-day event, held on consecutive Saturdays.  Earning merit badges gives Scouts the opportunity to discover a subject, and may inspire them to pursue it further as a career. Ten GHC faculty and staff members helped as speakers or instructors:

  • Todd Jones, Floyd campus dean, and Elijah Scott, director of libraries, spoke to the group the first weekend.
  • Phil Gaffney, director of athletics and head basketball coach, addressed them on the second Saturday.
  • Shea Mize, lecturer in political science, taught the Citizenship in the World merit badge.
  • Jennifer Purcell, former tutor in Student Success, taught Citizenship in the Community.
  • Scott Akemon, associate professor of political science and history, taught Citizenship in the Nation.
  • Mark Knauss, professor of biology, taught Environmental Science.
  • John Rogers, maintenance expert, instructed them about electricity.
  • Sharryse Henderson, associate professor of biology, helped them spot and identify birds for the Bird Study badge.
  • Rebecca Maddox, director of nursing, taught them Geocaching.

In addition, Rob Laltrello, associate chief information officer in IT, was there with his son, and also assisted with IT needs.  The most recent event was the third year that GHC has hosted – and a positive volunteer and community effort by the GHC family.

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