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GHC Honors Student, Community Volunteers

GHC celebrated International Volunteer Day on Dec. 4 by honoring community and student volunteers who serve as tutors in the GHC Tutorial Center.  The program began a couple of years ago, when students at Marietta expressed a desire to help other students who were struggling with various classes.   While vetting the program through the Human Resources department, organizers recognized the potential among retirees, who might be looking for something interesting and useful to do with the years of experience they have acquired in their fields.

To become tutors, students must have completed the course they want to tutor with a B or better, get a referral from a faculty member and complete peer-tutor training.  Community members must either have teaching or tutoring experience or have completed extensive courses in the appropriate subject matter.

Volunteers honored included:

Bruce Campbell, the first community volunteer in the program. Campbell is a community member and works on the Douglasville campus tutoring math and chemistry. He has graciously donated several hours a week for the past five semesters.

Ashly Traylor, student volunteer on the Paulding campus, is always willing to jump in to lend a hand making copies, directing students and any number of other necessary tasks.

Alberto Romero, student volunteer at Cartersville, tutors biology and anatomy and physiology.  He has worked as a volunteer for three semesters at Cartersville.

Kristin Bennett, student volunteer at Cartersville, tutors students in psychology, Spanish and math.  She joined the team in Cartersville this fall.

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