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Common Read Book Results in Fair Trade Discussion

As a follow-up to autumn’s visit from Kelsey Timmerman, author of “Where Am I Wearing?,” the Cartersville Student Center provided a venue for a seminar focusing on fair trade and its impact on our lives.  First Year Experience director Joan Ledbetter organized the event to engage the college community in a discussion to raise awareness about the ways our choices create ripple effects throughout the world.  The term fair trade represents an economic model that supports people-to-people connections, fairness, justice and environmental sustainability.

Joining Ledbetter and Salley were several speakers: Dr. Alan Nichols, professor of philosophy; Bruce Thomason of Allstate Insurance, who is chair of the Bartow/Cartersville Chamber of Commerce; and Jamison Palmer, a GHC student majoring in political science.  Interim president Dr. Renva Watterson also participated.  Nichols provided an active discussion of whether we should be concerned that we buys cheap products from countries that dramatically underpay their employees and may provide unhealthy, unsafe working environments.  Salley discussed the revolution in social values that accompanies economic development, including the ethical attitudes about fair prices and changes in income distribution.  Palmer made a presentation on the ways we all affect each other.  Finally, Thomason spoke about the Bartow County economy, the impact of shopping locally and the local jobs forecast.

Door prizes were provided by Jumping Goat Coffee, a fair trade company.

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