Georgia Highlands College

B2B Members from Marietta Volunteer at MUST Ministries

B2B members from the Marietta campus served lunch and dinner to some of Cobb County’s homeless population on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at MUST Ministries in Marietta.  Georgia Highlands has been connected with MUST Ministries for more than two years.  MUST was founded in 1971 by the Rev. Wayne Williams to address the basic needs of the poor and homeless in Cobb and Cherokee Counties.  The organization puts more than 6,000 volunteers to work every year, helping to feed, clothe, provide housing and find employment for community members. 

Part of the mission of  B2B, the GHC chapter of the national organization Brother 2 Brother, is teaching its members the value of service learning and leadership.  Volunteering at MUST Ministries and a variety of other charities helps young members to appreciate what they have. Providing service develops compassion for those in need and inspires leadership.   B2B is part of the national organization Brother 2 Brother.  The GHC organization has more than 100 members on its five campuses.

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