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Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning

Georgia Highlands College will consider granting credit for prior learning in situations other than traditional academic environments only for specific courses.

Students wishing to receive credit for HMSV 2160 and 2161 (Field Work I and II) must be able to document at least nine (9) months, or 1,560 hours of human services experiences. The work experience must be directly related to the educational experience provided through the course work and the field experience required for the Human Services degree. For detail of documentation requirements and criteria for review, contact the coordinator of the Human Services Program, the academic dean of the Social Sciences, Business and Education Division, or the Human Services Fieldwork Experience Student/Agency Handbook.

Licensed Practical Nurses and Paramedics may exempt the first two nursing courses (NURS 1101, 1102), thus reducing their program to three semesters of Nursing instead of the usual four semesters by meeting certain admission requirements as specified in the section on the Nursing Career Program in the catalog. The LPN will take bridge course NURS 1103, and Paramedics will take NURS 1104 designed specifically to assist in the transition into the RN program. For more information, contact the Department of Nursing at (706)295-6321.

Page last updated: November 26, 2011