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Lake Utilization

Lake Utilization

Officials at Georgia Highlands College shall not assume the responsibility for injuries and/or accidents, which may occur during any activities on the lake.

Automobiles, motorcycles or other motorized vehicles shall not be permitted on the service road around the lake except for official uses such as emergencies, cleaning, servicing the area, assisting instructional programs, etc.

As used in these regulations, the definition of watercraft means any boat or craft used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water. This unquestionably includes motor boats (gasoline powered), canoes, sailboats, etc.

Swimming is prohibited except for emergency situations. 

Each individual who engages in fishing shall be required to have and to show a current Georgia fishing license. Each individual who engages in fishing shall be required to comply with all rules and regulations as published by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in the current edition of the Georgia fishing regulations. Fishing shall be permitted daily from sunrise to sunset.

Students, faculty, staff and any guests accompanying them may utilize the lake for fishing.

Page last updated: March 10, 2010