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Faculty Screening Committee Guidelines

Faculty Screening Committee Guidelines

Teaching/Advising Requirements: Georgia Highlands College offers credit classes and student advisement at a variety of times from Monday through Friday during the day, Monday through Thursday in the evening, and Saturday mornings.

Full-time faculty may teach or advise at several campuses. They routinely teach/advise Monday through Friday during the day, but may teach/advise in the evening on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Some full-time faculty occasionally teach/advise on Saturday.  

University System of Georgia Employees: If a candidate for a faculty position at Georgia Highlands College is currently employed at another University System of Georgia institution, and if the Georgia Highlands College screening committee wishes to invite the candidate to campus for an interview, then the chair of the committee should notify the Human Resources Director in advance of the invitation so that the President of the candidate’s institution can be informed.

Concerning Reference Checks: While nothing prevents committee members from “following a lead” for additional reference checks, to ensure consistency and to keep the committee members out of awkward situations, it is suggested to only use the contacts listed on the application/resume. In most cases, if a reference contact refers you to someone else, it will work in favor of the candidate. But if a contact states that “they do not know a person that well,” that in itself may be a red flag. If a person states that they do no know a person that well or refers you to another location, kindly decline the offer and stay with what is on the documentation.

Incomplete Candidate Packets: While it is important that the candidates have all necessary information included in their packets before sending them to the Human Resources Office, some advertising venues do not carry all the necessary information concerning document requirements (USG clearinghouse). Presently, if the college receives incomplete packets (transcripts, etc.) the Human Resources Office does notify the applicant of the omission. Initially, Georgia Highlands College only requires unofficial copies of transcripts with official notarized transcripts to follow during the hiring process.


Approved by Cabinet: September 3, 2002

Page last updated: November 25, 2011