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Student Disruptive Actions Reporting System

Student Disruptive Actions Reporting System (SDARS) Policy


Inputting Data – Student Life Coordinators have the responsibility for inputting student disruptive actions data into the SDARS. This data will consist of student name and birthday, and will not specify the disruptive action. An action must have resulted in suspension or expulsion from Georgia Highlands College (GHC) arising from a felony crime or a threat to health, safety or property to be inputted in the SDARS. As per FERPA regulations, such incidents are considered educational records, and thus the college can disclose without consent to another college.


Monitoring SDARS – the Admissions and Registrar’s Office of GHC will check all new admitted students in the SDARS system.


Acceptance of Students in the SDARS – in the event that the Admissions Office discovers an applicant to GHC listed in the SDARS, a discussion related to acceptance of said student shall occur between the Director of Admissions, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Student Affairs. A student’s record in the SDARS will not automatically be cause to deny the student from admittance to GHC; however, a case-by-case analysis (including communication between the GHC VPAA and the chief academic officer of the sending institution) will be necessary. Any such student will only be admitted to GHC at the discretion of the college. Such students who are admitted will be admitted on a probationary basis, pending a review of their academic and disciplinary record at GHC following their first semester at the college. Upon successful completion of the student’s first semester (a 2.0 or better GPA and zero disciplinary actions), the probationary period will be considered over. If the student is not successful after the first semester based on GPA, that student will enter the Satisfactory Academic Progress mechanism already in place at GHC. If the student is not successful based on the existence of a new disciplinary action at GHC, that student will enter the student judicial process already in place at GHC. The probationary admission to GHC based on the SDARS will be taken into account during the judicial process. The student will have the right to appeal the decision of the judicial panel to the president of the college; the decision of the president will be final.


Approved by Instructional Council – June 21, 2012

Page last updated: September 4, 2013