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GHC Facilities

General Rules and Governing Use of Georgia Highlands College Facilities


All events and participants must abide by policies of the Board of Regents and federal, state, and local laws.


  1. Board of Regents policies governs the use of Georgia Highlands College facilities.


  1. An appropriate employee of Georgia Highlands College shall be present at all indoor functions.


  1. Campus facilities may not be used to raise funds for political purposes, to campaign for political candidates or issues, to promote or raise funds for any purpose which is not specifically approved by the President or authorized designee.


  1. The use of all tobacco products is prohibited.


  1. The College retains the right to refuse reservations to organizations, groups, or individuals who have previously violated usage policies, or whose purpose violates any Board of Regents Policy or Georgia Highlands College Policy.


  1. Organizations, groups, or individuals are responsible for reimbursing the College for damages to equipment or facilities in addition to the deposit/rental fees.


  1. Parking is permitted only in marked areas.


  1. Any violations of this policy may result in a fine of $500.00.


Scheduling and Publication of Events


1.      All public events must be co-sponsored by a campus organization, if a non-campus organization is involved.  All such events must be publicized as jointly sponsored.


2.      Details and reservation forms can be found here: http://www2.highlands.edu/site/facilities-usage


3.      Early planning is essential in order to avoid conflicts and provide adequate planning.  The facility should be reserved a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.


4.   Academic space may only be reserved after the semesters drop/add date.  Academic space may include the Lakeview Auditorium and Centre Stage if semester enrollment dictates such use.


  1. Groups making multiple requests should prioritize them in the event that not all requests can be scheduled.  Georgia Highlands College will seek to encourage a variety of activities in the facilities while discouraging overuse by a single organization.  No single user group may rent the facility more than once per month.

  1. The sale of tickets for non-campus based events will be the responsibility of the sponsoring group.



Basic Usage Guidelines for Georgia Highlands College Facilities


  1. A staff technician or other authorized personnel must be available to supervise the technical operation of the facility any time it is in use.


  1. Rehearsal time, setup time, and break-down time are considered a part of the event and are included in the reservation request.  Each of these is usually one and one-half times the length of the event.


  1. No activities will commence before 7:30am or continue after 11:59pm without prior approval.


  1. Decorations furnished by the organization/individual must be free standing or table type.  They must not be attached to the building by tape, nails or any other means.


  1. House lighting and air conditioning are provided beginning two hours prior to the event and rehearsal times only.


  1. Basic facility maintenance will be the responsibility of the user.  Organizations/ individuals will be responsible for the removal of any trash from the floors, seating areas, lobby, stage, and companion areas.




College organizations and departments will not be charged for the “basic use” of the facilities unless the organizations or departments are using the facility to make a profit.  There will be no deposit charge for any campus organization.


1.   Non-campus users will be required to pay a usage fee.  A deposit of $150 will be required to reserve a facility and will be due upon return of the signed contract.


2.   The following is a schedule of charges for facility’s use:

a.         Rental of Lakeview Auditorium, Centre Stage, or Cartersville Commons Area is $350 per day.  Of that, $150 is considered a non-refundable deposit, to be paid upon signing of the contract.  The balance of $200 is due two weeks prior to the event.  Fees for multiple day use by the same organization/individual may be negotiable. 

b.         For additional charges see Scheduling Charges under Procedures for Reserving Facilities.

c.         The deposit of $150 for the Lakeview Auditorium, Centre Stage, or Cartersville Commons Area is a non-refundable deposit.


(Note:  Fees are subject to change without notice!)


4.  Campus organizations and departments must cancel their reservations at least two weeks prior to the reserved date. 




1.      GeorgiaHighlands Collegeis a tobacco free campus.  Tobacco use of any kind is strictly prohibited.


2.      Georgia Highlands College is a drug-free zone.




          1.   Alcoholic beverages may be served only by external organizations or persons with express written permission of the President of Georgia Highlands College or designee.


Cameras and Audio/Visual Recording


The client has the right to allow the use of cameras or audio/visual recording equipment unless otherwise instructed by Georgia Highlands College.


Damages to Facilities


1.      The user will be liable for any claims or damages to persons or property caused by the acts or omissions of its members, employees, or agents.  Any violations of policy may result in fines up to $500, in addition to any costs associated with damages or clean-up. This will be at the discretion of the Lakeview Auditorium, Centre Stage, or Cartersville Commons Area Coordinator or for the primary office responsible for the facility.


2.      Any requests for college facilities or services made by any organization, group, or individual may be denied or cancelled if, after proper inquiry, it is determined that the proposed program constitutes a threat to public safety or is not consistent with the College’s mission.


Georgia Highlands College retains the right to waive any part of these rules and regulations, including Alcohol Beverage Policy and Alcohol Beverage Service Agreement.



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