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Text Conversion Policy

Text Conversion Policy

Students who have severe visual impairments, blindness, or other print disabilities may need to have their textbooks and course materials converted into an electronic format for use with text to speech software. Students approved for this service should contact their professors as soon as they register for courses during early registration and request the textbook title, author, edition number, publish year, publisher, and ISBN number. Also students should request the course syllabus or outline. Students will need to purchase their textbooks and provide a copy of the receipt to Student Support Services, even though they are requesting alternate text. The course materials and texts require 2 - 8 weeks to be converted into an alternate format. Course materials and texts will be converted to an electronic, audio, or enlarged format and will be available in Student Support Services or e-mailed to the student’s e-mail address on file. Students are expected to download their own free text readers and/or purchase software for their own use. Daisy formatted software and other text software is available on campus for limited use by students.

The purchased course materials may be sold by the student after the semester, if they choose. All AMAC and Student Support Services materials, media, and equipment should be returned to Student Support Services at the end of each semester. Students with electronic files should remove these after the semester.

Note to Professors: Please be aware this policy depends on the readiness of your syllabi and text selection. Your inability to provide a syllabus or text information upon request delays the conversion process and may result in the student not having accessible textbooks until later in the semester.

Approved by Cabinet, 11-27-06

Page last updated: April 18, 2012