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Access Center Exam Proctoring

Student Support Services Exam Proctoring:


  • Students must be registered with Student Support Services. All required documentation must be complete.

  • Students must provide the professor with an Accommodation Letter from Student Support Services outlining appropriate and approved accommodations, which would include taking exams with extended time and/or in an alternative environment.

  • Students must complete the “TEST REQUEST FORM” (cherry form) and provide it to their professor/instructor to complete.

  • The student is responsible for returning the “TEST REQUEST FORM” to Student Support Services at least two days before the scheduled exam.

  • Students attending some campus locations will need to contact a representative Disability Service Provider (DSP) to schedule exam proctoring appointments or make plans to test in an alternate location.

  • Students must arrive on time to take the exam. Exams must be scheduled and completed during Student Support Services hours: M-R 8 – 5:30 and F 8 –12:00.

  • In the event of an emergency unrelated to the student’s disability (for example: illness, death in the family, car trouble, oversleeping, etc.), the student must contact the professor to reschedule the exam.  The professor must inform Student Support Services of any time and date changes.

  • Students must adhere to the College’s Academic Integrity Policy.  Students suspected of academic dishonesty will be referred for disciplinary action.



  • Verify that the student is registered with Student Support Services by referring to the accommodation letter sent by Student Support Services outlining appropriate and approved accommodations.  No accommodations are to be allowed until an accommodation letter is received.

  • Thoroughly and legibly complete the Professor/Instructor section of the “TEST REQUEST FORM” and return the form to the student.

  • Have the exam delivered to Student Support Services at least 2 hours before the exam is to be taken.  Student Support Services will be responsible to return the completed exam to the location designated by the professor in a sealed envelope.



  • Maintain accurate documentation for each student, approve appropriate accommodations.

  • Provide courier service to deliver completed exams.

  • Maintain integrity of the exam by providing security (sealed) envelopes for returning exams, and securing the exams in a locked file cabinet in the office.

  • Monitor all exams taken in Student Support Services.  Report any suspected academic dishonesty to the appropriate faculty member/department.


Approved by Cabinet, 11-27-06

Page last updated: April 18, 2012