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Continuing Education for Nursing Faculty and Travel Considerations

Continuing Education for Nursing Faculty and Travel Considerations

1.   All first year full-time faculty members are expected to attend the faculty academy workshops. These workshops cover topics especially useful to new faculty members as advising, course syllabus requirements, use of computer programs, etc.

2.   Faculty are expected to participate in continuing education that will assist with the development of their teaching skills in the classroom and the clinical setting.

3.   Professional development funds will be used to support continuing education for faculty as the budget allows. Preference will be given for funding to faculty giving presentations, faculty advisors accompanying students to professional conventions, faculty that have been employed the longest, and attendance to conferences that are close geographically and conferences that are inexpensive. Funding will be prioritized to strive to meet faculty requirements for promotion and professional development.


Travel Considerations

1.   Before any travel for the college a Request for Authority to Travel at School Expense form must be completed whether or not you expect to be paid for the travel. This is for insurance purposes and documentation of faculty attendance.

      (See GHC “Travel Policy for Faculty Teaching”).

2.   Travel for driving to clinical is paid when the distance to the travel site is greater than the distance of your teaching assignment (Heritage Hall or Marietta). Faculty need to submit an estimated travel cost to the Nursing Administrative Secretary at the beginning of the semester. Odometer readings need to be kept for each travel day.

3.   Travel is paid for driving to continuing educational meetings as the budget will allow.

4.   Faculty should complete a motel state tax exemtion form and submit it at the time of registration if staying in a hotel in the State of Georgia.  The College will not reimburse for state income hotel tax.


Page last updated: March 10, 2014