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Degrees are awarded annually in a graduation ceremony held at the end of spring semester. Students who plan to graduate should petition at the registrarís office during the semester preceding the semester in which they expect to complete graduation requirements.† It is the studentís responsibility to notify the registrar as to their intent to graduate.††††

An applicant for a degree must complete the prescribed curriculum for that degree.†

A student must earn an adjusted grade point average of at least 2.0 in all credit-level course work at the college in order to earn a degree.† Courses accepted for transfer from other colleges do not carry quality points and are not considered in computing the studentís grade point average for graduation purposes.†

Georgia state law requires that each candidate for a degree receive instruction in Georgia and American histories and the Georgia and United States Constitutions.† Transfer program students may satisfy this requirement by taking POLS 1101 and HIST 2111 or 2112.† Career students may satisfy this requirement by taking HIST 1000 if it is within the prescribed curriculum.† Students satisfying U.S. history and /or political science from out-of-state institutions must satisfy the Georgia history and Constitution requirements by taking appropriate classes or an exemption exam administered by the division of social sciences, business and education.

Georgia Highlands College requires that all students complete 18 semester hours of degree, credit-level course work at the college to earn a degree.† This requirement is known as the residency requirement.† Each prescribed curriculum for a degree program will indicate the number of hours required for the specified degree.† Students must complete all required courses as outlined in the prescribed curriculum for the degree sought.† If students transfer credit-level course work to the institution, they must complete the institutionís requirement of resident hours, even though the prescribed curriculum for the degree may be satisfied.

The diploma of a candidate for a degree will bear the date of the annual commencement at which the degree is awarded.† Graduating sophomores are expected to participate in the formal graduation exercises.† Students who have completed their work during a prior semester may receive their associate degree at the exercise or in absentia.† All students must apply at the registrarís office in order to receive their degree in this manner.

Students must meet all financial obligations to the college before graduation.

The names of all applicants for degrees are submitted to the faculty. If approved, these applicants are granted their degrees by the president of the college by authorization of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.† Approval is signified by the presidentís signature on the diploma.†

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