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Grade Reports

Grade Reports

At the close of each semester, grades will be made available to students through the Web system, the SCORE. This secure technology requires that students access the system through student identification numbers and a personal identification number known only to the student and the college.

Grading System

The grading system used by Georgia Highlands College is as follows:

            Letter Grade     Nature of Work                       Quality Points per credit hour


                 A                Excellent                                  4.0

                 B                Good                                        3.0

                 C                Satisfactory                              2.0

                 D                Passing                                    1.0

                 F                Failure                                      0.0

                 F$              Unearned Failure                     0.0

                 H                Honor Project Completed        Not computed

                 I                  Incomplete                               Not computed

                 IP                In Progress                              Not computed

                 K                Credit by Examination              Not computed

                 NR              No Grade Reported

                 S                 Satisfactory Performance        Not computed

                 U                Unsatisfactory Performance     Not computed

                 V                Audited                                      Not computed

                 W                Withdrew Passing                    Not computed

                 WF              Withdrew Failing                      0.0

                 WM            Military Withdrawal                   Not computed


A grade of incomplete indicates that a student who is performing satisfactory work is unable to meet the full course requirements for nonacademic reasons beyond the student’s control. An "I" must be removed within two semesters of residence, or one calendar year, whichever is shorter, or it will automatically become an F.  An "I" grade is not given in Learning Support courses. Arrangements for the removal of an "I" should be made with the instructor during the semester immediately succeeding the semester in which the "I" was awarded. Students do not re-register for a class in which an "I" has been given.

All grade change requests must be made within two semesters of residence following the semester during which the course was taken, or one calendar year, whichever is shorter. The entire appeals process must conclude by the end of the next Fall or Spring semester. After this time, any grade change request must be made through the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

F$  –  This symbol is for an unearned F, which indicates that the student stopped attending class and did not fill out appropriate paperwork to withdraw.  This grade is computed in the grade point average as an F.

H –  This symbol indicates that a student has successfully completed an honors project.

IP –  This grade may be assigned only in Learning Support courses. It indicates that the student made satisfactory progress but did not successfully complete the course and must register again. Ordinarily, a student may receive no more than two grades of IP in any one area of developmental studies.

K –  This symbol indicates an awarding of course credit to a student via the credit-by-examination program.

NR – This symbol is temporarily posted on a student’s transcript when a professor fails to turn in grades on time. It will be removed when the actual grade is reported.

S – This symbol indicates that credit has been given for completion of degree requirements other than academic course work.

U – This symbol indicates unsatisfactory performance in an attempt to complete degree requirements other than academic course work.

V – This symbol indicates that the student audited the course. The V carries no credit and cannot later be changed to a credit grade, either during the time in which the student is enrolled in the course or at a later date.

W – This symbol indicates that the student was permitted to withdraw from the course without penalty. Withdrawals without penalty will not be permitted past the midpoint of the semester, except in cases of hardship as determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

WF – This symbol indicates that the student was permitted to withdraw from the course while doing unsatisfactory work. The dropping of a course under these circumstances is equivalent to a failure.

WM – This symbol indicates that the student withdrew due to military orders

* –      This symbol indicates a course credit for a CPC deficiency

# –      This symbol indicates academic renewal

%  –   This symbol indicates Learning Support coursework

T –     This symbol indicates transfer coursework


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